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Kim Kardashian Posts Latest Update on The Julius Jones Case



Julius Jones

Kim Kardashian West recently shared an update on her Twitter page regarding the Julius Jones Case. With the execution date nearing and the Governor of Oklahoma yet to give his verdict, we can only hope and also pray for a favorable outcome.

The Julius Jones Case

Julius Jones was the prime suspect in the murder of Paul Howell, a 45- year old insurance executive. Mr. Jones was only 19 years old and studying at the University of Oklahoma. The murder charges came at a time when he was on the verge of securing a basketball scholarship.

He was ultimately convicted of first-degree murder and put on death row at only 22 years old in 2002. Mr. Jones has spent 20 years of his sentence trying to prove his innocence. He claims that he was set up by the actual perpetrator. His plight reached the hearts of many after a petition on his behalf got over six million signatures.

Mr. Jones reports that he spends up to 23 hours every day in solitary confinement, waiting and hoping for updates on his sentence. His case also caught the eye of Kim Kardashian West, who then made it her mission to help him get justice. 

Kim Kardashian’s Efforts

After publishing a series of tweets on his case, Mrs. Kardashian West visited Mr.Jones in November 2020. Kardashian appealed to her followers to write to the state’s parole board and Governor Kevin Stitt.

Governor Stitt has finally agreed to grant him clemency and halt his execution in a rather surprising twist of events.

This is, indeed, a massive win for him and his family and thousands of other convicted prisoners facing similar circumstances.

Written By: Sheila Maina

Twitter: @nazlin_sheila

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