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“Lay It Down”: Sam I and Shmuck the Loyal’s Electrifying Fusion of Hip-Hop and Electronica



Sam I and Shmuck the Loyal Electrifying Track "Lay It Down"
The cover of "Lay It Down." Image source: Sequel.

On April 12, Sam I (Sam Spiegel) and Shmuck the Loyal (Brennan Larsen) released “Lay It Down.”Lay it Down” is a track that blends hip-hop and electronica. More accurately, it is a demonstration of skilled musical alchemy. And the particulars follow.

TRY’s Debut: “Chapter One”: A Purposeful Fusion

According to multiple sources, TRY made its debut in 2022 with the release of “Chapter One.” This, however, was not a lengthy project.  The release consisted of four songs with a run time of 12 minutes and 55 seconds. Like the most recent release, “Chapter One” was a creative fusion that a duo remixed, blended, and innovated, intending to release a purposeful project. According to Prelude Press,

[Chater One] was a project meant to provide uplift and optimism born from an inspiring and frightening time. TRY, chose the path of light, acknowledging the world’s flaws while choosing to find the beauty of the human experience.

To accomplish this, they enlisted the assistance of Killah Priest (a Wu-Tang affiliate), Camden, EARTH GANG, and Miette Hope.

Meet the Collaborators: Sam I And Shmuck The Loyal

Sam I, a DJ, producer, director, and composer from New York, constitutes one-half of the duo. Reportedly, Sam I boasts an impressive collaborative portfolio. Sam I is noted as having worked with artists including Kanye West, Lizzo, Sia, Busta Rhymes, Doja Cat, Anderson.Paak, M.I.A., Maroon 5, the Yeah Yeah Yeahs, and countless others.

Shmuck the Loyal, the other half of the duo, is a Nashville-based songwriter and producer renowned for his experimental music. As Discogs goes on to note, “His pursuit of maximalism and a deeper, more emotive side of electronica drives his idealistic approach to production.” Wonderfully, TRY is the result of their collaboration.

Eclectic Fusion Continues

The duo returns with yet another distinctive release. And, similar to the first release, which combines house music, synth-pop, and 2 Step, “Lay it Down” maintains a notable eclectic sound signature. But, this isn’t unexpected.

As Sam I noted in an earlier interview, “We have very eclectic taste, and the record reflects that.”

Therefore, this newest piece serves as further proof of Sam I and Schmuck the Loyal’s talent for seamlessly blending various sounds. This work notably features Dream Doll, an American hip-hop/R&B artist, and Jay1, a British drill rapper, who bring the piece together with their lyrical exchange, creating an energetic offering.

Rhythmic Mastery: “Lay It Down”

“Lay It Down” has a distinctive rhythmic edge. The music’s opening measure establishes the tone for a hypnotic, captivating, and energetic track. Remarkably, the song maintains its energy throughout. The winding rhythm propels an explosive uptick that complements the hook and punctuates the verse.

Successfully, all factors work together to deliver a magnetic offering that can not be underestimated.

“Lay It Down” Is Available For Streaming

“Lay It Down,” a collaborative project between Grammy-nominated DJ and producer Sam I and Nashville songwriter Shmuck the Loyal is out. For those looking for new music, the project is available for streaming on Spotify and other platforms.

Written by Renae Richardson 

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