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Leo W3ST Sets A Vibe With Signature Series Accompanying “Just HML” Project



Leo W3st Sets Soulful Vibe WIth Sigature Series
Leo W3st. Image source: Swank Publishing.

Leo W3st is igniting excitement with his distinctive performance series that coincides with his latest project, HTML. Known as The LFTLR Series (The Live from the Living Room Series), this initiative provides existing and new fans with an exclusive and intimate encounter. W3ST sets the vibe with his eargasmic flows, sure to mellow the senses straight from his home turf. The experience is a complete sensory journey, creating a vibe that feels like a personal, one-on-one connection.

Who Is Leo W3ST

W3ST is an artist hailing from Chicago. He is an independent artist, causing a stir across various circles, his undeniable talent thrusting him into the spotlight. His musical style seamlessly blends smooth melodies, atmospheric vibes, and electrifying energy, creating an unparalleled sensory experience. Recognized by the Underground Hip Hop blog, W3ST has solidified his presence by captivating audiences in over 60 performances. This includes a memorable show at the House of Blues and Hip Hop in Chinatown. As his influence grows, the global audience is now tuning in to catch the infectious vibe he brings to the music scene.

“Just HML”

W3ST’s latest project has garnered him a feature in The Source magazine, highlighting the distinctiveness of his most recent release. Fans can now experience W3ST performing several tracks in a rare but engaging format, a smooth and intimate concert series.

According to The Source, episode 10, which features a performance of “Inside Out,” was engaging. The outlet also noted that “he created a vibe that made fans feel like he was right in their living room.”

If you missed an opportunity to check out Leo W3ST, check out “@The Function,” featuring Jack Social.

Collaboration And Process

“Just HML” is a collaborative project in which W3ST shares creative credit with producer DommOrElse. According to The Underground Hip Hop Blog, the two have been collaborating for a decade, and it’s been a journey. While W3ST may not have a specific term to encapsulate his creative process for this project, he acknowledges that his mental state played a crucial role during that period.

W3ST Expounds On Title Meaning

When asked to encapsulate the meaning of the name he gives his creative work, W3st says,

“HML is a global saying. In some way or form, you will always find yourself telling somebody to hit your line or vice versa.”

This is undoubtedly a call to listeners and hip-hop fans to hit him up by tuning in. And vice versa, he will provide an unforgettable experience for the soul, body, and mind.

New Blood, New Talent, And New Energies

The vitality of Hip-hop is sustained by the constant influx of new blood, energies, and talents that seamlessly integrate into the industry’s dynamic landscape. Thus, FM Hip Hop firmly believes in directing the community’s attention towards emerging and non-mainstream artists who bring a unique and refreshing perspective. One such artist making waves is Leo W3ST, whose latest project, “Just HML,” encapsulates his distinctive musical style.

More Details

“Just HML” is available for streaming on major music platforms. These platforms include Apple Music, YouTube, Amazon Music, Spotify, Pandora, Tidal, iTunes, SoundCloud, and Deezer. So, whether you’re seeking a novel sonic experience or looking to set an atmospheric tone, Leo W3ST’s musical offerings are poised to captivate and invigorate your auditory senses.

Written by Renae Richardson 

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