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Lil Durk Brought Look-alike “Shmurkio” On Stage In Miami



Lil Durk
Lil Durk/ credit: Getty Images

Lil Durk took to the stage with his look-alike, Shmurkio, during a performance on his 7220 tour on April 18th at the FPL Solar Amphitheater.

The Performance With Shmurkio

On a Miami, Florida stage Durk brought his look-alike on stage for fans. An Instagram video posted by 2cool2blOg shows the two on stage together. Separate from the height difference and tattoos, the two of them are identical. Shmurkio loved the moment as fans cheered for him.


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The Shmurkio Prank Went Viral

Shmurkio, known as Perkio, went viral after a King Cid prank. Shmurkio and King Cid team up to convince a Florida mall full of people that he was the Petty Too rapper. King Cid hired Photographers and security, rented a Lamborghini, and gave fake tattoos to the second Durk. Shmurkio also rocked blonde dreads to make the look more authentic. King Cid recorded the entire prank. Fans are seen chasing who they believe to be Lil Durk through the mall. Fans at the mall fell for the prank and the video went viral when it hit the internet.


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What Happened Next?

The prank video caught up with Durkio and the he took interest. Durk gave Shmurkio the nickname Perkio. Lil Durk went on to hire Shmurkio for the Blocklist music video. Perkio starred as Durk for the entire music video and this added to his fame. The relationship between the two has continued even after the music video. The relationship lead to Shmurkio being brought on stage during a Lil Durk performance.

The 7220 Tour

The Chicago native is currently on his 7220 tour. The tour is scheduled from April 8th to May 2nd and will hit 17 American cities. Los Angeles, Atlanta, Houston, Miami, Jacksonville, and New York are just a few cities the 7220 tour has on schedule. Fans still have a chance to see Lil Durk in concert and who knows you might get to see Shmurkio on stage with him.


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