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Lil Durk on Chicago’s Gun Violence



Lil Durk

Chicago Native Lil Durk called for an end to gun violence after a violent weekend in Chicago. According to the Chicago Sun Times,

“Fifty-six people were shot, eight of them fatally, in citywide gun violence this [past] weekend,” the Sun Times wrote. Six of the wounded were 15 years old or younger.”

Lil Durk reacted by sharing a graphic on his Instagram story that reads, “A 6 & 7-year-old girl were shot in Chicago — more than 250 kids have been shot & 32 killed in Chicago this year alone.” The horrific story struck a chord with Lil Durk.

The youngest life lost this past weekend was that of seven-year-old Serenity Broughton.

Gunfire broke out while Serenity and her six-year-old sister Aubrey entering the backseat of a car. Serenity was later pronounced dead at the hospital. CBS Chicago reports that Aubrey, who was taken into intensive care, has now been released.

Serenity’s and Aubrey’s grandmother, Regina Broughton told the Chicago Tribune that the girls held onto each other when the gunfire rang out, “They were hugging. When they separated and pulled apart, there was blood on both of them.”

“Aubrey, the bullet ruptured her lung, and she had to be intubated,” Broughton continued. “Serenity’s injury was fatal. The bullet pierced her heart — she didn’t have a chance.”

Lil Durk had this to say at the bottom of the post, “I be willing to help the best way I can but some higher power act as if they don’t care.” Lil Durk finishes with, “This need to change and ASAP.”

Lil Durk is not the only rapper seeking to make Chicago a better place for children. Three prominent members of the game gave back at the Year of the Youth Giveback in Bronzeville.

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