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Lil Duval Breaks Leg in Car Accident



Lil Duval Performs at Atlanta Homecoming Event. Photo: Getty Images

Comedian Lil Duval was in a car accident last night.  In the Bahamas, his quad was hit by a car, and he was rushed to the hospital.  The 45-year-old took to Instagram to share the footage.  In the video, you can see Duval with bandages all over his head, chest, and arms.  He was put in an airplane and flew to the city of Nassau, where he was treated for a broken leg.

Many rappers took the time to send their wishes.  50 Cent wished Duval a speedy recovery and prayers for his family.  T.I. sent prayers for him while reminding him to settle down when he is well.  2 Chainz chimed in as well, hoping for his friend’s safety.Before the crash, Duval was on Instagram documenting his trip.  He even taped himself on the four-wheeler testing it out.

Duval Watches P-Valley

Recently, the Florida native caught some slack on Twitter for his comments about the TV series, P-Valley. P-Valley airs on STARZ and it revolves around a strip club in Mississippi.  There was a scene in the show that Lil Duval wasn’t a fan of.  While Duval was watching, a sex scene between two males was in the show to his surprise.  Duval feels like there should be an advisory for scenes like that just to prepare people.  He feels that scenes like these are too much for people who don’t usually see that.

Valley Writer Claps Back

People instantly went to his comments and reacted to what he said.  The comedian was quick to explain himself stating that he doesn’t want to see anyone have sex.  He adds this does not have anything to do with being homophobic stating that he has no problem with watching shows with gay people.  He just doesn’t want to watch them have sex.  Whether it be two men, two women, or man and woman, Duval isn’t a big fan of the sex scenes.  The writer of the show, Patrik-Ian Polk responded by saying the show is not for Lil Duval and he should just watch something else.  Polk adds that the “gay ain’t goin nowhere”.

Written by: Brandon Simmons

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