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Lil Pump Criticizes Russ For Canceling European Tour



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These two artists have never really gotten along at any point in their careers. On August 29th, Russ shared a message with fans online about canceling his upcoming European tour. “I have to cancel the European tour,” he expressed before continuing to explain that his mental health is the root of the decision. In a video that Lil Pump posted, the young Florida rapper relentlessly criticized Russ. He said, “How about you f*cking deal with it and stop being a f*cking pussy?!” Watch Lil Pump’s full video dissing another successful platinum-selling peer:


More About The Russ Tour & Cancellation

It’s a very hefty decision when an artist decides to cancel something as expensive as touring. The last-minute decision comes with an honest & human reason from Russ. The Billboard charting artist reveals that his mental health is severely suffering right now. According to Russ himself, “I could make up excuses so that I don’t lose money but the reality is mentally I feel like sh*t.” The Journey Is Everything tour features tons of global shows across Asia, South America, New Zealand, etc. Unfortunately, Europe won’t be a part of this global experience anymore. Read the full Russ breakdown below:


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Is Lil Pump Trying To Make A Comeback?

Whether you agree with Lil Pump or not, do you wonder why Lil Pump even cares this much? The two don’t have a great relationship at all, but a lot of their issues existed way before the 2020s. Some speculate that Pump’s video could just be a promotional stunt done to fuel a comeback. He did release a new single last Friday, August 26th, titled I’m Back. Do you think the new record will be enough to fully revive the rapper’s career?


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