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Lizzo Keeps it Light in Response to Kanye West’s Insensitive Statements



Lizzo is living her best life, and despite her ultra-focus on her career, she can’t seem to exude her excellence in peace.

Kanye’s Soapbox: Lizzo the Exemplar

On a recent episode of  Fox News Live, Tucker Carlson Tonight show, Kanye West used Lizzo as an exemplar to make a point. West was given the opportunity to expound on a few issues. While he covered various topics, from his “White Lives Matter” apparel to abortion, one particular statement that had the media buzzing. During his conversation, Ye linked Lizzo to what he termed “genocide of humanity.”

Which, when taken at face value, appears exceptionally exaggerated.


Deeper Down the Rabbit Hole

West went deeper to explain his position. After referring to the talented performer as his friend, he contended that there was an ulterior agenda at play. At the root of this agenda is an attempt to keep Lizzo overweight. In his words,

“When Lizzo loses 10 pounds and announces it, the bots… attack her for losing weight because the media wants to perceive that being overweight is the new goal, although it’s unhealthy.

When is Enough Enough

One would think that this argument as it stood was enough for any point Kanye had to make. However, in true fashion, Ye didn’t stop there. He then referred to the promotion of unhealthy weight as being “demonic.”

Lizzo: Grace under Fire



Lizzo. Image Source: Getty Images

Lizzo is not one to keep quiet when her name is unjustly maligned. During the time of the interview, Lizzo was in Canada making preparations for an upcoming performance. She took a minute to address Ye’s statements on Friday during her set. Reportedly, she stated,

“Everyone in America has something to say about her, this while she just minds her business. She prefaced that with ‘fat, Black, beautiful'”

However, her tasteful choice in refusing to disparage or slander Kanye for his insensitivity and tactlessness is impressive. Instead of stooping to another level, she made light of the situation by suggesting that perhaps she become a resident of Canada.

People as Fodder

Many kudos to Lizzo for keeping a modicum of composure. But, unfortunately, as Kanye has proven, it doesn’t take a lot to use others as fodder for whatever agenda is being pushed. Yes, everyone has a right to exercise their opinion, but it is shameful when an opinion comes at the expense of another human. Where is the humanity in that?

There are so many questions that Ye raises, a few of which bear significant consideration: does the context of Ye’s argument make him any better than those he argues against? Isn’t destruction the same no matter at whose hands it is rendered?

Written By: Renae Richardson

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