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Lizzo’s Exit: Navigating Fame’s Unrelenting Pressure



Lizzo Quit Announcement
Lizzo. Image Source: Emma McIntyre, WireImage.

One thing Lizzo has had to contend with throughout her career in the industry is ridicule and ribbing. It seems no matter what, the hecklers aren’t relenting. But this time, Lizzo contends that enough is enough.

Lizzo Faces The Fire, Considers Quitting

It’s no secret that superstar Lizzo consistently comes under fire. While some see it as part and parcel of fame, Lizzo feels different. According to the “Special” star, she has been the target of unrelenting harassment, and it has grown old.

The bullying has gotten so bad that Lizzo has openly admitted that, out of frustration, she quit. But is she quitting music, social media, or both?

Well, the artist’s response was rather cryptic and no one truly knows. But this isn’t the first time the “2 Be Loved” performer has been outspoken about the emotional impact of the jests of others.

The Power Of Words And Its Toll On Lizzo

According to the Hollywood Reporter, in 2021, Facebook and Instagram had to remove comments on Lizzo’s page because of the extent of the onslaught.

As the publication notes, “The removed comments are those that go against Facebook’s and Instagram’s rules against hate speech and harassment.”

Admittedly, no one deserves to be treated less than or accepted for abusive maltreatment, verbal or otherwise. Not everyone has the fortitude to endure or ignore such brutal treatment for long periods.  Regardless of what many espouse, words possess an immense force that can shatter and devastate.

Through Adversity And Setbacks

While some are baseless ramblings, it is also reasonable to believe that the singer has received more criticism following lawsuits filed in 2023. Lizzo became an even bigger target following the 2023 allegations of mistreatment of people in her camp. As a result, “The Rumors” artist lost many of her fan followers and assuredly gained a few haters.

However, it appeared that Lizzo was recovering, brushing herself off, and pushing forward. In fact, according to an Instagram post from a few weeks ago, Lizzo was back on her grind.

As Lizzo posted, “I’m writing some of the best music, and I’m so excited for y’all to hear. I’m almost ready to be a normal human again… to be outside. To love and trust people, make new friends, go on live 👀… To sing and talk about my pain and joy, just give me a little more time.” But it seems things have once again taken a left turn.

Support Amid Struggle

In response to the “Truth Hurts” crooners’ recent statements, she has received support from others in the entertainment community, such as Queen Latifah and Eric Andre. But will this make a difference? Well, at this time, it is hard to determine. Everyone reaches their breaking point, and unfortunately, stardom is not for the weak or thin-skinned.

Fame brings out as many detractors as it does supporters. And, as Sophia Bush is quoted In the New York Times as responding to Lizzo, “The Internet is not real life.”

Thus, it is up to the individual to filter out what they consider to be relevant.

Lizzo’s Journey And The Path Forward

Many people still admire Lizzo for her accomplishments, including her ability to rise in an industry where she deviates from the norm. But sometimes that is not enough; one must decide what is best for themselves.

Perhaps the embattled performer will return after some time away. But for the time being, we can only wait and see what happens next.

Written by Renae Richardson 

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