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Ludacris Found Out About His Tennis Court



Ludacris Found Out About His Tennis Court

During Quarentine, Ludacris found out he has a tennis court on his property. He was never at home before COVID 19, but as soon as it hit, being at home was something he grew accustomed to. Never before could he enjoy the beauty of his home, all due to being gone, busy with work. He was either shooting a movie or performing music, but he was finally able to enjoy, according to the star, ” the fruits of his labor.”

Ludacris said, “I think this is the best place to quarantine at, besides your house. I’m finding things at home and on my property that I didn’t know were there. I have a tennis court! I never knew that was on this property.”

ludacris found out

Grateful For His Home During The Pandemic

The rap icon explained to Ellen DeGeneres this week why he was so grateful to be able to spend so much time at his mansion during the pandemic. Being gone so much he was never able to enjoy his home before.

But I’m enjoying myself because I’m able to finally relax and enjoy this property that I’ve spent so much money on.”

By: Samantha Evans


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