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Ludacris Walks It Out for 30th Annual AIDS Walk Atlanta



Ludacris tapped as featured performer at 2021 AID's Walk Atlanta and Music Fest. Photo Credit: Glenn Francis

Press releases statement that this year’s Aids Walk Atlanta will include Luda as a featured performer

AIDS Walk Atlanta is a benefit servicing the needs of HIV and AIDs patients, and Luda has been tapped as a featured performer at the closing music concert. The AIDS Walk Atlanta is a well-established event. The event’s 2021 September return will mark the 30th year of service to the community. Undoubtedly, many are breathing a sigh of relief as the event was canceled in 2020 due to COVID restrictions. According to a source, this benefit “raises thousands of dollars to support ten local AIDS service organizations”. 


However, we are not surprised that Luda is a featured headliner


Luda’s enormous persona precedes him. He is the penultimate hip hop performer well known for serving his fan base that extra dose of Southern Hospitality; with more than 20 years in music, his dopeness truly has no bounds. He does it all: music, T.V. and film. Not only is he leaving an imprint on music, but he is also putting his signature mark on television. He was undeniably Luda as host of “Fear Factor”. In his unique style, he gave fans Luda unbounded in the “Fast and Furious” saga. But it is one thing to have talent; it is another to have a depth of character.


Luda has a depth of heart worth spotlighting


Ludacris makes it no secret that he is about giving back. In fact, in April of this year, Bridges sat down for an interview. When asked about his contributory efforts, this is what he said, “It’s not about wins for me. It’s just about; with great power comes great responsibility.” And we couldn’t agree more. And Bridges is doing some amazing things in the world.


Luda’s conscious contribution to society is laudable


According to a source, Bridges supports 17 charities and 22 causes. Not to mention, he sits at the helm of his own foundation that services the youth and promotes economic growth in the community. And so, it is no wonder that he is giving of his time and talent to the AID’s Walk Atlanta event. 


Catch Luda in this benefit concert 


AID’s Walk Atlanta will take place on September 25th at Piedmont Park in Atlanta. The free musical fest will tie up the benefit. And if you are in the area, you can catch Luda and Sevyn Streeter in performances you will not regret. And,  I am sure that the organizers and beneficiaries of the AIDS Walk Atlanta will appreciate your support.


In closing, we wish them much success and hope that they receive above and beyond their expectations.

Renae Richardson

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