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Mac Miller’s Legendary “Faces” Mixtape Is Now Available on All Streaming Services



Mac Miller

Late and great rapper, Mac Miller, is now being honored and released from his shackles of availability to the music word. His 2014 album “Faces” just dropped on all music platforms today. His estate made a public announcement about this earlier. This album is one of the best pieces of work by Miller admired by his fans around the world. The rapper past three years ago this month after an overdose. Nonetheless, he still manages to make an impact on the music world till this day.

Music Icon

Aside from the music icon’s 25 track mixtape, Miller has released 6 studio albums, two EPs, 13 mixtapes, and over 60 music videos. He has a lengthy catalogue of music that contains a lot of issues. Money, women, poverty, depression, drugs, and peace are the most common topics he has mentioned. He has also collaborated with a lot of artists within multiple genres such as Rap, Hip-Hop, R&B, Pop, and Emo. Also, his estate released a visual of one of his mixtape’s songs that shows how diverse his style was with the genres he immersed his music in. The song is titled “Colors and Shapes”. This track gave fans including the director of the video a sense of being in another world. Director Mason went on record to say “The track very visual to me-like it had its own world.”

Mac Miller Forever 

Mac Miller is rumored to have music that still has yet to be heard. However, his estate will most likely make another influential decision to share some with the world later. His mixtape has the world waiting for more work like it and it’s no wonder that he has an enormous fan base. He puts people in his shoes and takes them on an adventure. His work is timeless. It will never be forgotten and truly be admired for a long time.

The court has also announced a trial date for Mac Miller’s drug dealer.  Be sure to read more about it here.

Written by Zacchaeus Heyward.

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