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Mariah Carey Stops By GMA To Kick Off The Holiday Season



Mariah Carey, celebrated for her remarkable vocal range, has firmly established her legacy in the music industry. She has captured the affection of her fans as the undisputed “Queen of Christmas.” Upholding her legendary stature, Carey made a special appearance on Good Morning America today, heralding the onset of the festive season.

Mariah Carey On GMA

In the 90s, Mariah Carey’s endearing anthem “All I Want for Christmas Is You” captivated audiences and soared in popularity, securing its status as a holiday celebration staple. The song has since been featured in many holiday movie soundtracks and even inspired an animated film named after it. On Good Morning America this Monday, November 6th, Mariah Carey shared the origin story of how this now-legendary track came into being, along with other news.

Origins of a Classic

Carey recounts that the song was born from a moment of inspiration, with her reflections and her Casio keyboard. According to the songstress, seated at her piano, she contemplated the personal significance of Christmas, asking herself,

“What do I love, what do I want, what do I dream of?”

This introspection set a classic in motion.

Carey on Fulfilling a Goal

We often underestimate the profound effect that even the slightest creative endeavor can have. For Carey, this tune has resonated across generations. According to Carey, the song did exactly what she was hoping it would.

“Her goal was to do something timeless, which didn’t seem like the 90s when she wrote it.”

The song fulfilled her ambition. Predicting the triumph of any creative piece is challenging, but pouring passion into one’s work can yield extraordinary results. And the success of Carey’s song stands as proof. The immense success of the song is credited not only to Carey’s artistry but also to her genuine passion for the holiday season.

Carey’s Other Announcement

Mariah Carey’s segment on Good Morning America wasn’t just a nostalgic journey through her holiday hit. She also took the opportunity to talk about her imminent tour, a chance to sprinkle Christmas joy globally. In Carey’s own words,

“I know nothing is perfect, but here’s me trying to reach out and give you the merriest of Christmases.”

And she’s not doing it alone. She’s also making this tour a family affair, taking her children along. Carey was particularly enthusiastic about her daughter’s participation in the tour, sharing her excitement with the audience.

Celebration Time

Fans of Mariah Carey received an additional surprise during her time on Good Morning America. The iconic singer revealed that she has been dedicating time to creating new music, a piece of news that will undoubtedly excite her fanbase. From Mariah Carey’s GMA feature, one explicit agreement stands out, especially for those who revel in the festive spirit. The moment her song hits the airwaves, it’s a call to celebration. So, let the festivities begin.

If you missed Carey’s live interview, check it out here.

Written By: Renae Richardson

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