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Marilyn Manson’s Grammy Nomination For Best Rap Song Retracted



Marilyn Manson's Grammy Nomination for Best Rap Song Retracted. Photo Credit:

Today the Recording Academy announced the removal of Marilyn Manson as a Grammy nominee for Best Rap Song.

Marilyn Manson had supposedly earned a Grammy nom for his work on Kayne’s Donda Project. Manson is a known collaborator on the track “Jail,”  But recent revelations are rendering him ineligible for the best rap song nomination.

Was Abuse the Premise for the Retraction?

Rumors have been circulating about the rationale behind the retraction of Manson’s nomination. And it is true that one of the rumor’s behind the retraction was current abuse allegations. However, The Recording Academy has made it clear that the allegations are not the reason for the retraction.

So, what led to Manson’s Retraction?

Reportedly the academy made its decision after the discovery that Kayne did not list Manson as a songwriter on “Jail.” And “Jail” is the track that is up for the award of Best Rap Song.

According to the academy

Marilyn Manson has been stripped of his 2022 Grammy Nomination by the Recording Academy after not being listed as a songwriter for Kayne West’s “Jail.”

Thus, the abuse allegations against the artist have no basis in making the decision.

Did or Didn’t Manson Collaborate on “Jail.”

Manson’s vocals are on the Jail part 2 track. However, as per the recording academy’s statement, there are no credits for him as a writer. Technicality?

Complex notes,

“Although he[Manson] did write for the song’s alternative version, “Jail Pt. 2,” he is not listed as one of the writers for the “most current version of the album.”

And Complex is not the only source claiming that Manson is not a writer on the nominated track.

According to Yahoo news

“Manson — real name Brian Hugh Warner — didn’t write the song he was nominated for, and therefore was removed from the Grammys’ nominations list after it was announced on Nov. 23.”

Fairness and Equity

The Recording Academy attempts to maintain fairness in its nomination and selection process. And out of respect for the craft and all artists, the academy tries to separate the artist’s work from their life when making considerations. As a source notes,

“We won’t look back at people’s history, we won’t look back at their criminal record, we won’t look at anything other than the legality within our rules.”

Based on their rules, Manson simply doesn’t make the cut for a nomination for Best Rap Song.

Don’t Count Manson Out For a Win

Fans of Manson shouldn’t count him out as a candidate for a Grammy win. According to, Manson’s is still eligible to receive a Grammy for “Jail Pt. 2” on the ‘Donda’ album. This win is possible due to ‘Donda’s‘ nomination as album of the year. So Manson may still take home a Grammy.

One could argue that the retraction of his nomination has more to do with decisions Kanye made. But, in this case, that argument is neither here nor there. But it would be thrilling to hear what Manson and Kanye have to say on the matter.

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Written by Renae Richardson


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