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‘Marriage Boot Camp’ Therapist Dr. Ish Called Out By Gangsta Boo After White Substance Was Found



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Many fans have been following Gangsta Boo and her partner Emmett on WEtv’s Marriage Boot Camp: The Hip Hop Edition. The episode which aired Thursday, May 26th,  included some drama after therapist Dr. Ish confronted the pair about a white powder he discovered in their room.

Gangsta Boo was seen upset, denying knowledge of what the substance was as Dr. Ish did his best to comfort her and offer help if she was struggling with any kind of addiction. Following the episode, Boo called Ish out on Instagram suggesting he took the wrong approach when confronting the topic.

Gangsta Boo wrote in an Instagram post prior to it being taken down,

“You would think that someone like @drish would have a better choice of delivery, when he is trying to be all ‘professional, Not sure if he just a TV ‘Dr’ when the cameras are on or in real life when they are off.” She continues, “This is #mentalhealthawareness month so if you care so much about ppl health, with SO much ‘concern and sincerity,’ why did YOU noticeably allow ppl to be on prescription meds while drinking alcohol in front of you?? Everything was on camera. Don’t pretend like you didn’t know.”

Gangsta Boo, Dr. Ish

Gangsta Boo slams Dr. Ish in a now-deleted Instagram post.

After deleting the post mentioning how she wouldn’t recommend Dr. Ish to anyone and how he owes many people a deep apology, today she updates us on twitter regarding last nights episode. She says “Not the Soundbite sniff sniff while I walk into a open closet mic’d up with the door wide open chile lmao.” Comparing the scene to a cartoon, she adds that she wishes she can sue them for defamation.

While Gangsta may not be able to sue the popular reality show because of her signed contract, she expresses her desire on twitter to have her own spin-off show. Keep updated with Gangsta Boo and Emmets relationship after the show on FM Hip Hop!

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