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#FMTrends: Meek Mill: Glow Up



Meek Mill: Glow Up

Big Foot | Meek Mill Tour

On the Glow Up

In Route to your Glow up you have to go through something to Glow through something and Meek Mill is shining right now. Glow up, Meeks latest hit released this week with no doubt shows you it’s blessings to come from every struggle that you ever endured.

Meek Mill premiered the video for the Glow up single on his site this past Tuesday at 6pm  click here to see the video. I don’t know about you but I was hyped to see what Meek had to say after all of these months of social media and ex’s trying to bury him with memes. Meek is actually expressing his gratitude for all of the recent and not so recent drama in his life. No pain is in vain. Rick Ross recently announced the name of Meek Mills third studio album will be “Wins and Loses”, I couldn’t imagine a more fitting title.

A person that has been knocked down ten times and is still standing will feel this type of record. It’s not a underdog track by far! Glow up is letting people know that just like in life your faith in yourself and whatever God or universe you believe in Light will always prevails over darkness. “They Fuck boys and they can’t win”. When people are trying to force you to imitate a lifestyle vs when someone is really living that lifestyle real will always respect real. That’s why the Glow up Video directed by Will Ngo premier was the perfect way to reintroduce the Meek Mill we are about to meet; unfazed. He survived the internet trolls, public breaks ups and Family fights with his own label mates while he fought his parole! And yet he’s still here, you have to give credit when it’s due and just in case you didn’t catch that no worries I’m here to shine some light on it for you! Glow up

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