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Method Man and Redman Will Perform at 2021 National Cannabis Festival



The National Cannabis Festival is back on August 28 in Washington D.C. this very year!  It wouldn’t be a festival without live music, and the NCF really did their research in choosing their headliners: Method Man and Redman.

Poster for the NCF

Besides being two of the greatest MC’s of all time, Mef and Red are also one of Hip-Hop’s most beloved duos.  While they certainly have their overlapping styles at times, their main stylistic bond is their love of marijuana.  Two of the culture’s most notorious potheads, they have a movie series called How High? and among many songs together, the anthemic ‘Diz Iz 4 All My Smokers.’

Young M.A. puffin’ a blunt on Snoop Dogg’s GGN show

The other Hip-Hop act to perform is none other than Young M.A.  Another charming stoner, she’s sure to get the crowd going hard.  But Hip-Hop certainly doesn’t stand alone in cannabis culture.  Beyond these three talents, there will be plenty of other acts of different genres, ranging from Antibalas to DJ Farrah Flosscett.

In addition to all the great music, there will be plenty of attractions to keep attendees entertained.  There will be plenty of educational opportunities, including information on growing marijuana.  Like they have each year, state lawmakers will be giving speeches about reforms and policies.  Most interestingly of all, there will a be real wedding taking place on stage!

a glimpse of the previous NCF

The NCF sounds like its going to be an absolute blast.  With so many activities, educational opportunities, and endless cannabis, how could it not be!  Of course, the centerpiece of it all will be the performance from Method Man and Redman, something they’re SURE to dominate.

Jason Heilbronner | Twitter@JasonHeilbronn1 

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