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Method Man Latest Icon To Be Open About Battles With Depression



Method Man Depression Battle Revealed
Method Man at the Emmy Awards. Image source: Arturo Holmes, Getty Images.

Method man needs no introduction. As a legendary artist and foundational member of the Wu-Tang Clan, his name precedes him. Despite his status, much of his personal life remains largely under wraps. However, over the years, he has become more and more open with the public. Recently, he revealed yet another part of his personal life that can be an enormous inspiration to others.

Method Man Opens Up To Men’s Health

In a recent “Mens Health” interview, Method Man had much to say. One topic he addressed was a lighter one: Method’s designation as a sex symbol. While this is a title, many would readily accept, not so with Method Man.

According to the artist, his perceptive reality doesn’t align with the title. Method Man appreciates the designation. However, he doesn’t see himself as a sex symbol. “I’m not a sex symbol,” Method blatantly claimed in an interview.

Why this may shock some, according to Method, he affixes his thoughts on things much more essential to his core identity. As he went on to say, “the love he had to learn to accept was of himself.”

That carries more significance and trumps any adoration showered on Method Man via external means.

Method Man Reaches Into The Dark

In his interview, the artist also explored darker periods in his life with a timely reach. Method Man attributes that dark stretch to living with depression. It was a state which had become a constant companion.

In fact, it became so insidious for years that he could not even identify or label it. As Method notes, “I didn’t even know I had been depressed since I was a youngster before I started making music and moved to Staten Island.”

That’s not atypical. For many, it’s not always easy to identify depression; it’s even harder to emerge from the shadows. Admittedly, that’s a battle that takes massive endurance. But the road to healing always starts with recognizing there is a problem. And the” All I Need” artist admits that a long battle with insomnia alerted him, spurring him to make changes.

Getting To The Root

While many make the discovery, not everyone can identify the root.

However, discovering the source is essential to complete healing. A healthy tree can’t grow from a poisoned root. Method is one of the few who has identified the basis of his suffering and the bane to his mental health.

According to the performer, he believes depression stems from early childhood. Method now recognizes the trauma and PTSD that arose from his upbringing and the mentality he developed in his young adulthood.


Method Man mentions two essential parts of his depression healing: an exercise regime and a change in mindset. According to the artist, after noticing that he dealt with PTSD, he changed his trajectory by controlling how he saw himself. As BET cites the artist as saying, “I stopped valuing other people’s opinions, and instead of being my biggest critic, I became my biggest fan.”

What Do We Glean

It’s a challenge to admit darker struggles in one’s life. And it’s even harder for icons to be transparent. But transparency helps form connectedness. And those genuinely outstanding people maintain a connection with the core of who they are despite their status.

Method Man is one such individual. He’s a model for transformation. His vulnerability in admitting his areas of weakness, working to be strengthened, and then telling his story so others can learn from it is commendable. It is certainly what we need more of.

Written by Renae Richardson 

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