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Michelle Obama And The Light She Carries



Michelle Obama And The Light She Carries
Michelle Obama. Image source: Kevin Winter, Getty Images Entertainment, Getty Images.

January 17th marked the birthday of the former first lady Michelle Obama. Despite no longer leading from The White House, she continues to inspire and lead.

Who is Michelle Obama?

Michelle Obama is the daughter of Fraser and Marian Robinson and the sister of Craig Robinson. She is a Chicagoan, born and bred in the Windy City. But her gifts were meant for a much larger world.

First Lady Obama has planted seeds in the fields of social justice and law. In 1988 she earned her Juris Doctor degree from Harvard Law School. But her natural intellect and drive defined her as the scholar she was. Educational pursuits have only been a slice of her life. She has also put her heart into public service. According to Look to The Stars, Mrs. Obama has worked with eight charities and supported 18 causes. More recently, she has shared her world through works of literature via the penning of two bestselling books, “Becoming” and “The Light We Carry.” Furthermore, Obama is a passionate mother and devoted wife. But, most of all, she is an honest, dedicated, persistent, hard-working, classy, and all-around good human being.

Why the Spotlight?

Service is about giving back, contributing, and paying it forward. When the efforts of great people are highlighted, it provides a blueprint for excellence. It demonstrates what is possible and the heights that can be reached if one aspires to do so.

Michelle Obama is a force of nature. And her accomplishments speak for themselves. However, when she took on the mantle of first lady, she became a model for all little girls, especially Brown and Black Girls. Highlighting the attributes, efforts, and contributions which shaped her as an icon is a reasonable service.

Michelle Obama: Shining Her Light

Lady Obama continues to live by example. She has spent the last few months granting interviews and opening herself to the world. And in those interviews, Michelle Obama comes entirely as herself. She keeps it candid, refusing to hold back whether she shares her experiences, vulnerabilities, strengths, lessons, or successes. 

The critical distinction which separates her from so many others is she is living out what she writes about. And that’s in integrity.


There is no doubt that Michelle Obama will continue to inspire. Inarguably, it’s beautiful to see someone who has ascertained such status be so authentic. It sends the message that it’s okay to fully embrace ourselves and be who we are. But at the end of the day, what sets apart the difference-makers in this world is the light they carry on the inside.

In Conclusion

So today, we celebrate all Michelle Obama is and the example she sets forth. And we wish her a happy belated birthday and a year of light and love.

With Black History month approaching and Woman’s History Month to follow, FM Hip Hop will continue to highlight the icons, leaders, changemakers, and trailblazers who are shining the brightest in the community.

Written by Renae Richardson

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