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Moneybagg Yo Release a New Music Video with Lil Wayne 



Moneybagg Yo Released a New Music Video with Lil Wayne

The Romantic Story of Drug Love on New Moneybagg Yo Release 

The new Moneybagg Yo release — a music video, ‘Wockesha.’ Starring Lil Wayne, it begins the video with Lil Wayne’s verses on the theme of what’s in his cup, when he’s asked. “It ain‘t nobody’s business,” he raps, “whatever was in my cup… I got more popular… I probably should pick that cup back up.” The video itself shows a story of Moneybagg Yo’s relationship with the Styrofoam cup. While the cup seems like a woman to the video’s character, everyone else can only see the cup and reacts weirdly when watching a person date a cup. What makes the cup so specific is its contents: it’s filled with lean. Lean, or Purple Drink, is a mixture of codeine cough syrup, soda and hard candy that causes opioid addiction.


The lyrics of the song itself match the video. They talk about rappers’ relationships and situations that happen in a relationship or while someone is addicted to opioid substances. ‘The Cup’ (or ‘Keisha’ in the song) “hit the spot.” It also describes how Moneybagg’s character “got [his] times,” or how, being so open with his strange relationship (which he seems to be in the video), he’s “displayin’ feelings like wearing ‘em on sleeve.”

You can think of the similarities between doing drugs and being in love after watching the video. Or the obviousness of addiction to everyone else except for the addicted person. Whatever the main idea of this music video is, it worth checking out. 


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Nikita Serdiuk | IG: @nikitasrdk

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