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#FMSpotlight: Pops Smoke feat. Lil Tjay “Mood Swings” (Official Music Video)



#FMSpotlight: Mood Swings (Official Video)

Mood Swings was one of the biggest hits off of late Brooklyn rapper Pop Smoke’s (@realpopsmoke) post-humous album Shoot For The Stars, Aim For The Moon. The record sees Pop reuniting with Bronx rapper Lil Tjay (@liltjay) for a slow-moving track in which they both take turns referencing their experiences with women and the problems that come along with fame and their expensive lifestyles.

The music video premiered last Wednesday, October 7th, 2020, and it has already reached 5.4 million views. The video was filmed after Pop Smoke’s tragic death because there is no footage of him singing along to his lyrics nor is he a part of the video’s plot. The 20-year-old died on February 19, 2020, after being shot twice during a home invasion in Hollywood Hills, CA.

Mood Swings – Official Video


In late July 2020, the song started trending on TikTok. Part of the song’s success is attributed to the several skits that were made sampling the song’s last chorus, which is catchy due to the juxtaposition between Pop’s lower-pitched and Lil Tjay’s higher-pitched voices.

Lil Tjay

The two New York rappers have an extensive history of collaborations and have worked together on other songs such as:

  • Pop’s 2019 War
  • Pop’s 2020 Mannequin
  • Guido Dos Santos’ 2019 Mary Jane
  • Tjay’s 2020 Zoo York
  • Additionally, the two are known to have multiple informal and unreleased tracks together, such as Pop’s unreleased song Cappin.

Tjay released a song titled Forever Pop after his friend’s sudden death.

Know I’m finna make it to the tippy-tippy top, bro, for you
I knew that’s what you wanna see me do
Can’t believe this shit, can’t believe this shit is true
Took you out your glory, who wanna see you lose?
Woke up in the mornin’, see my n**** on the news

#FMSpotlight: Mood Swings (Official Video)

RIP Pop Smoke

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