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Drill Rap Aids In The Arrest Of Alleged Gang Members



Rappers busted in NYPD's "Operation Drilly"
Barry WIlliams/New York Daily News

The drill rap genre has once again helped New York Police officers make multiple arrests. Officers used drill music videos as evidence to arrest over 20 supposed gang members. “Operation Drilly,” uncovered a series of brutal crimes committed over a three-year time span.

According to the New York Daily News, these crimes include grand larceny, murder, assault, and manslaughter New York Daily News. Those arrested allegedly bragged about their crimes in their songs.  Several of the individuals taken into custody were adolescents, including popular drill artist, Lee Drilly. Drilly allegedly talked about his crimes in the 2021 release “Bet,” featuring E-Wuu. Bronx District Attorney Darcel Clark said she wished there was a way to keep youth from turning to “senseless” violence.

“It was beefs and slights and disrespects that all drove some of these incidents,” Clark said.

She continued, saying, “We’re doing all that we can to deal with and battle the gun’s scourge that is happening here in the Bronx.” Clark said, “more must be done to deviate these young people from the life of gangs and senseless violence. We do need to do more.”

Drill Music And The Police

Politicians and law enforcement officers have a history of linking violence and rap. For instance, in 2019, two rappers Skengo and AM became the first rappers in the U.K. convicted for a live performance. Likewise, similar things happen in the U.S. As a result, they each received a nine-month sentence for breaching an interim gang injunction. American drill rappers met with New York City mayor Eric Adams, and they agreed to work on a solution. However, it continued to be used as evidence in a recent fraud case.

People are looking to change this practice, however. Jay-Z, Kelly Rowland, and Killer Mike signed a letter opposing this practice. Jay-Z’s lawyer Alex Spiro drafted the letter. State senators Brad Hoylman and Jamaal Bailey came up with the proposed legislation. So far, there isn’t any word about whether this legislation will pass.

Written by Kimberly Stelly | Instagram | Twitter

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Kimberly Stelly is an award-winning journalist and cartoonist. After working at the LMC Experience for several years, she is pursuing her dream of being a music journalist.

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