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Mystikal Handed Indictment: Faces Possibility of Life Behind Bars



Today was a prelude to forever for “The Man Right Chea,” Mystikal, otherwise known as Michael Lawrence Tayler. Mystikal, who stood before a court to hear his charges, received several indictments, one for rape in the first degree.

What does an Indictment Mean for Mystikal?

An indictment is not definitive, and the presentment of an indictment does not mean that Mystikal has been found guilty. It also does not indicate how much time Mystikal will serve if found guilty. As the Advocate notes with an indictment,

“The grand jury has concluded authorities who brought the charge met that minimum level of “probable cause.”

This indictment sets up the terms of his trial, what must be proven, and the maximum sentence he could face if found guilty. According to Mystikal’s lawyer, however, he still has a chance to beat this. Which in theory he actually does as the Advocate also notes,

“For conviction, a jury will have to decide prosecutors met the much tougher standard of beyond a reasonable doubt.”

So fundamentally, the jury is still out.

The Incident

The foundations of Mystikal’s charge date back to July 30th. The claimant in question is known to have been in a long-standing relationship with Mystikal. According to sources, on the day in question, a dispute arose between the two, leading to instances of physical aggression. According to XXL, the physical altercation led to Mystikal taking the claimant’s keys and phone. Then things get a little weird. Reportedly Tayler had a shift in emotions. According to the victim, XXL notes, “he alternated from being angry to remorseful for his actions against her. He then prayed with her and splashed her with rubbing alcohol to cleanse her “bad spirits.” And reportedly, this led to her rape.

The Evidence

After the victim visited the hospital, the findings indicated she had signs consistent with physical abuse and rape. These findings were also in alignment with her claims. When detectives later lodged their investigation, they found evidence at the scene consistent with the claimant’s account. Investigators also found drugs and drug paraphernalia at Mystikal’s home. This discovery led to additional charges. Thus, according to the Advocate,

“The Ascension Parish grand jury handed up the rape charge and nine other criminal counts Tuesday against Mystikal”

For Mystikal, a Bleak Road Ahead

While this is not the final judgment, things look bleak. It is well known that Mystikal has a history of sexual assault and is a registered sex offender. According to Variety, Tyler became a lifetime registered sex offender in 2003 following another conviction. There is a great deal of evidence not in the performer’s favor. And if Mystikal is found guilty, he stands to spend the rest of his life imprisoned.

Written By: Renae Richardson

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