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Betty Ceus

Acquire and maintain healthy hair with Natural Bunch Kids

Natural Bunch Kids (NBK) Hair Care provides knowledge and tools for consumers of all hair types to bring the best out of their crowns. Founded by early childhood educator and licensed natural hair stylist Betty Ceus, the company offers vitamins for hair growth, detangling brushes, shampoo and conditioner, and other items online. A mother of two, the natural ingredients in Ceus’ products reflect a mission that includes knowing and loving one’s self. In addition, NBK motivates its clients with initiatives such as the “90-Day Healthy Hair Challenge,” and maintains an informative blog on hair care. Learn more about the burgeoning brand in this exclusive FM Hip Hop interview.

FM HIP HOP: How does Natural Bunch Kids educate and engage its customers? 
BETTY CEUS: Natural Bunch Kids’ target customers are children, but their parents are the informed buyers who simply want the best for their children. We educate and engage our customers on a daily basIs by way of informative social media postings, event activations, and cross-branded marketing collaborations with target influencers. As a brand founded by an early childhood educator, Natural Bunch Kids strives to be a hair care leader that educates parents and children alike on the fundamentals of healthy hair.  Thus, we incorporate that in our visual marketing materials, which are designed to make learning about hair fun!

FM: What are some of the biggest mistakes that parents make when it comes to styling their children’s hair? 
BC: Parents do the best that they can with the information they know. Most are not professional stylists and may not understand the long-term effects of styling no-nos. With so many in mind, one that stands out the most is when styling is putting too much tension on the scalp, which can lead to breakage, and eventually, traction alopecia from consistent tension to the scalp. A second hair care challenge common among parents has to do with the detangling process. They are used to the “root-to-tip” way of detangling hair. We educate them with a more effective “tip-to-top” gradual process by using a wide-toothed comb or finger detangling method. Although these methods may add a bit more time into the detangling process, they produce less hair breakage, and less discomfort to the child.

FM: Can adults reap the same benefits by using your products? 
BC: Most definitely! If it’s good for their precious child, it will be great for them.

FM: How have you involved your children in the company? 
BC: Natural Bunch Kids was inspired by my then seven-year-old daughter, Gigi in 2016. She is the co-founder of Natural Bunch Kids, and has been front and center with the brand since its inception. Involved in every way, from initial package naming to currently assisting with daily customer product shipments, Gigi is proud and excited about empowering other children to love their natural hair as she does.

FM: What is the Natural Bunch Kids 90-Day Healthy Hair Challenge? 
BC: Kicking off on July 30, Natural Bunch Kids’ 90-Day Healthy Hair Challenge is designed for parents who have children with dry, thin, weak, or generally damaged hair, making it difficult for the hair to grow to its full potential. Earlier attention to hair care needs greatly reduces problems in the future. Using our superior products that are especially formulated for children, alongside providing helpful hair care tips, we challenge parents to achieve 90 days of hair rejuvenation! The child demonstrating the most progress after 90 days, by September 30, 2018, will get a chance to win a ton of fabulous prizes valued at more than $3,000, including a $500 shopping spree, free Natural Bunch Kids Hair Care products, and a spotlight in a national Natural Bunch Kids marketing campaign. Parents can sign-up their children and learn more about the challenge by visiting us online at

FM: What’s next for the brand? 
BC: The Natural Bunch Kids brand believes in dreaming big and creating our own lane for success. We will continue to be innovative in capturing the attention of our children as well as teaching them to love themselves across many different platforms. We’ll also continue our efforts toward making Natural Bunch Kids readily available to all children via local retail stores throughout the world.

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