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NBA YoungBoy Lyrics Almost Used Against Him



Cooper Neill/Getty Images

Some of NBA YoungBoy’s lyrics from several songs were attempted to be used against him in his federal gun case. YoungBoy got arrested on March 22, 2021, after a short vehicle and foot pursuit. Police eventually caught up to him and found YoungBoy in a neighbor’s backyard. Since then Youngboy has been living under strict house arrest rules after being released on bond. The trial began in the Central District of California on Wednesday, July 13, and the rapper scored a victory. The Prosecution attempted to use song lyrics from Kentrell Gaulden, also known as NBA YoungBoy, against him in court.

Rolling Stone stated that lyrics from YoungBoy’s songs “Gunsmoke,” “Life Support” and “Lonely Child” were thrown out of the case. The prosecution attempted to use the lyrics to connect YoungBoy to an FN pistol reportedly found on him during his arrest. Luckily, YoungBoy’s legal team quickly jumped in and argued “Even if Mr. Gaulden is familiar with various models of guns and sings about them, it does not mean that he knew this particular gun was secreted on the passenger floor of the Maybach when police attempted to pull his car over and arrest him.” This is not the first time a rapper’s lyrics have been attempted to be used against them in court.

YoungBoy’s Case and The Connection to Censorship

Recently, we have seen a rise in court cases that attempted to use rap lyrics as evidence. The American Civil Liberties Union reported that courts admitted rap lyrics as evidence in 80% of cases from 2006 to 2013. Most people see rap as music and thus the lyrics as artistic expression. The Hip Hop community has taken these issues as an attempt to censor their voices. Many Hip Hop artists will say that Hip Hop is a lifestyle and not just a genre of music. Rappers like Meek Mill and many others added their signatures to the Rap Music on Trial Bill. The bill is designed to prevent rap lyrics from being used as hard evidence in court.

Written by Patrick Rodriguez | Twitter |

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