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New Edition Inks a New Deal with CCA



New Edition Signs Deal for Representation Under CAA (Creative Arts Agency). Photo Credit: Jason LaVeris/FilmMagic

New Edition is inking a deal with CCA (Creative Artists Agency)

According to recent reports, all members of New Edition will now be represented under the Creative Artist Agency. This deal includes all five original members and Johnny Gill. Additionally, the members will have full representation. Sources show that their representation will consist of touring, composing, production, T.V and Film. Part of the new deal will include a touring contract. The tour is scheduled to begin next year.

New Edition is still in the game.

New Edition is a titular group in the music industry. They came along just in time to fill a void that the Jackson Five left in music. New Edition was formed in 1978, just five years after the dissolution of the Jacksons. And when New Edition came along, industry professionals were looking to launch them as the next Jackson Five. 

They were discovered by writer/producer/impresario Maurice Starr who signed the group to his small Streetwise label in hopes of launching a Jackson Five phenomenon for the ’80s.

But, these boys weren’t quite the Jackson Five.

They brought something different, thereby carving out their own space in the industry. New Edition showed their fans that they were not shadowers. They were there to claim their legacy, and New Edition did just that. By the 1980’s, Ronnie Bobby, Ricki, Mike and Ralph were the new heartthrobs on the block. And according to a source, their presence opened up a new avenue in the industry. 

As they matured and progressed, they laid much of the groundwork for the fusion of hip-hop and R&B known as new jack swing.

It was their introductory hit single “Candy Girl” that set off years of success. And even today, their work remains iconic and well-known. 

While most groups struggle for longevity in the industry, New Edition has held firm.

Although there have been shifts in group dynamics, the core has remained intact. And, 43 years later, they are still doing their thing. So, we wish New Edition all the best and much success under their new representation and with the tour. Sources indicate that they will be hitting 30 sites in the United States next year. Keep a lookout for a chance to catch them in action at a venue near you.

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