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New Hip-Hop Stamp Card Print Celebrates 40 Years Of The Genre



Image Source: Dorothy
Image Source: Dorothy

Is anyone reading a frequent mailer or big stamp collector? Well, on June 14th, the UK-based company Dorothy revealed a new stamp card print that’s Hip-Hop inspired. The car features stamps that contain 42 rap albums from roughly the past 40 years (1982-2020). Several modern artists received recognition including Kendrick Lamar, Kanye West & more. Additionally, classic albums from Grandmaster Flash, Big Daddy Kane, Queen Latifah & more. These stamps are a cool creative way to celebrate one of the world’s biggest music genres. Take a look at some of these Hip-Hop stamps below:


More Details About The Hip-Hop Stamp Card

Dorothy produces tons of different items such as patches, notebooks, maps & other themed stamp cards. As mentioned above, this Hip-Hop stamp collection includes 42 different ones that represent each year. For example, 2006 is represented by legendary Detroit-born producer J Dilla’s famous project Donuts. They do a great job at representing the history of the genre with their 42 selections of albums from 1982-2020. Additionally, the stamps all feature the artist’s name, album name, record label & a design inspired by the album itself. They’re approximately measured at 80 cm x 60 cm, and the full stamp card is priced at £35.00. Certainly, this product would be an excellent gift for any Hip-Hop historian or super fan looking to reminisce on almost 40 years of history.

Future Classic Rap Albums Of The 2020s

Dorothy‘s stamp card does also feature quite a few classic albums from some of our favorite rappers. Overall, it seems as though they tried to prioritize & specifically highlight rap’s most iconic albums from each year. With that said, 2022 has been full of huge releases & we’re only halfway through the stacked year. What are some albums that dropped in the 2020s that you think will be classics & remembered as Hip-Hop history? Also, which rappers do you think can drop a classic album this decade? Perhaps artists like Kenny Mason, Baby Keem, or Mavi. Read more of FM Hip-Hop’s featured articles today.


Written by: Oryah Brown | Instagram: @oryah.wav

I've been writing Hip-Hop content on my own for almost 2 years now. Music has always been my passion, and I have experience in most areas that utilize the art form: production, writing, curating, engineering, etc.

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