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“N****s in Ghana” – The Year of Return



#FmPolitics Ghana flag

“N****s in Ghana” 


After history continues to repeat itself here in America, Ghana welcomes Black Americans back home to Africa with open arms. Clearly our brothers and sisters back home haven’t forgotten about us.

Is moving 6000-ish miles across the world the peace of mind and security Black America needs? The program of African Americans returning to Ghana started as a promotion called “The Year Of Return.” A government-financed public program for the African diaspora to travel to Ghana. In most cases the goal is to explore the country four centuries since the first slave ship reached the American coast.

#FmPolitics City of Ghana

The government partnered with the local chiefs in the area to set aside 500 acres of land for the new families joining the communities. There is going to be enough space at the beginning for about 1,500 families, but the registration fees are waived for members of African diaspora.


Numbers of Black Americans visiting the gorgeous country jumped to a 45 percent increase from January-September of 2019. With the increase of black tourism officials in Ghana are working on building a 10-year program. In other words, Ghana wants Black Americans to make Ghana their home, instead of a beautiful spot for a vacation.

In addition to being oppressed in America, Black Americans continue getting murdered in cold blood. Black Americans have been lynched. Black Americans have been wrongfully convicted and prosecuted for crimes not committed by them. We cant go for a jog around the neighborhood or even be sleeping in our own home without being targets.

Maybe the safe space the black community needs is in Ghana? For Instance what if  all of our top leaders in music, athletics, Hollywood, and politics all decided enough was enough. Moved back to our homeland and built there? Black culture and especially the black dollar are what keep America running. What if we took it away and built our nation? A real Wakanda.

Our True Home

With the murders of Ahmaud Arbery, George Floyd, and Breonna Taylor setting America and the world on fire with protests,  inquiries for the program have skyrocketed.

The tourism minister of Ghana, Barbara Oteng Gyasi, had this to say in a televised event, “Build a life in Ghana. You do not have to stay where you are not wanted forever.”  The presidential election is a few months away in November. Many Black Americans will not take another four years of the Trump administration’s constant racism and disregard for black lives.

#FMPolitics People of Ghana protesting.

Will your family and loved ones be moving to Ghana for peace of mind along with finally being around our true culture and heritage? I don’t know about ya’ll but Ghana kinda looking like the move. A trip to the motherland is definitely on the travel list when the world opens back up. 

Khalyl Gabriel | IG | Twitter @khalylgabriel @khalylgabriel95

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