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#FMFashion: Nicki Minaj’s Best Looks



Nicki’s Best and Beautiful Fashion Moments

Fashion is a way to represent one’s identity. Celebrities use their platforms to show their high class styles, making everyone awe for them. Nicki Minaj is one of many singers and rappers who has amazed her following with her music and fashion. Here are some amazing moments of Nicki Minaj and her best looks!

Nicki Minaj Shows How Fashion Speaks Louder Than Words

Funky, Cool, and Fun

What makes this look one of Nicki Minaj’s best fashion looks is based on her style and use of color! The unique and bold designs are eye catching and vibrant! How Nicki uses Versace is truly breathtaking. The colors stand out even more with her black corset top. The black contrasts beautifully with the skirt. Minaj also uses the gold belt and jewelry to her advantage. She does this by not going too crazy with the accessories so it does not distract from Nicki’s eye catching outfit!

Nicki Minaj Milan Fashion Week Look, 2018. Taken from

Sexy Turned To Elegant

Not only is Nicki Minaj stunning, but so is this dress! Personally, this is one of my favorite Nicki Minaj looks of all time! The black lace dress shows off her curves so nicely. The design of the dress is stunning, the details within the lace in addition to the maxi style! Minaj looks happy in the dress, the way her following really gets to see her. Her straight her choice also works amazing with the dress. Minaj kills it by turning something sexy into something so classy!

Taken from

Beauty in Barbie

During the New York Fashion week 2017, Nicki Minaj really showed off her inner Barbie! What makes this fashion look one of Nicki Minaj’s best is how she shares herself as a barbie (what she calls herself on Instagram). With the beautifully detailed gown, it literally looks like Barbie Doll dresses that even the dolls would want to wear! The gold, pink, and purple details are magnificent. She really did go above and beyond Fashion Week expectations!

Nicki Minaj New York Fashion Week 2017. Photo from

These are only a few of Nicki Minaj and her best fashion looks!! What has been your favorite Minaj look of all time?

Sydney Geller | IG: @sydneyyyyy_g |

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