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Nicki Minaj Claims Apple Music Released The Wrong “Bussin” Version



Nicki Minaj
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It looks like there’s been a bump in the road in the Nicki’s “Bussin” new single rollout.

Nicki Addresses The Barbz

Right off the heels of ‘Do We Have a Problem,’ Nicki has also released ‘Bussin’, again collaborating with Atlanta rapper Lil Baby. Currently, the song is available on YouTube and all streaming services. Immediately, the track garnered a positive reaction from fans who have been anticipating a full-fledged Nicki comeback since her 2018 album Queen. However, the ‘Bussin’ fans have been listening to maybe an incorrect version.

According to Nicki, the “Bussin” explicit version on Apple Music isn’t mixed correctly and also doesn’t have the right hook. Comparatively, the clean version is good to go. The ‘Chun-li’ rapper made the announcement on Twitter this week (Feb. 11).

“I just listened to #Bussin on Apple Music and that is not the right version of the song,” she tweeted. “The clean version is correct. Idk what happened & why the explicit version sounds like that. Not mixed, wrong levels, no doubles on the hook, etc. isItJustMe? We have to change ASAP.”

Apple Music “Bussin” Mishap

Apparently, after a conversation with her sound engineer, ‘Bussin’ is confirmed to be fine on every other streaming service, also including iTunes. Nicki made sure to let her fans know they could enjoy the track on Spotify and Tidal.

“The EXPLICIT VERSION OF #BUSSIN IS WRONG ON APPLE MUSIC,” she then repeated. “The downloadable iTunes link sounds right. But the streaming link is wrong ON APPLE MUSIC. Only clean version is right on Apple MUSIC.”

“Engineer said it’s right on Spotify and tidal. Please check RN everyone”

Nicki is known for being extremely precise with her music, recording verses, over and over, until it’s to her liking. Finally, she confirmed one of the Barbz suspicions; “Bussin” wasn’t quite right. Once again, Nicki Minaj maintained her reputation as a staunch perfectionist.

“Y’all know I’m a perfectionist I would FKNG NEVER EVER,” she then typed.

Barbz can support Nicki on YouTube below:


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