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Nicki Minaj’s Top Music Videos



Nicki and Her Best Videos!

Nicki Minaj, singer and songwriter has been a powerful force within the hip hop industry, especially with her bold music videos. In the words of Minaj, “sorry that you couldn’t phase me”. Her music videos surpass many artists, as she often embraces her curvy body. Here are some favorites of Nicki Minaj and her music videos!

Fan Favorites

“Anaconda” (2014)

Minaj really shocked viewers with her Anaconda music video as this was one of the first music videos with constant twerking! Despite the controversy years ago about the video, it has now become a major fan favorite. Minaj shows off her curvy identity embracing who she is. She literally says in the music video “I got a big fat ass”! She implies that there should not be a beauty standard around women. All figures and bodies need to be represented, and she goes beyond expectations of showing that to millions.

Screenshot from the Anaconda music video, check it out!

“Pound The Alarm” (2012)   

What makes this Nicki Minaj music video a fan favorite is how she shows the importance of truly living in the moment. The video is accompanied by stunning scenery, showing the importance of focusing on the present. Most of the time living in the moment means focusing on the now, and living one’s best life! Minaj really does live her best life in this music video. While most Minaj videos amplify sexuality, this video focuses on celebration, making it distinctly different from others. 

Screenshot of Nicki Minaj living her best life in her Pound The Alarm music video!

“Turn Me On” (2012) 

“Turn Me On” has become a fan favorite music video as Minaj transforms from a creation into a leader. After Minaj is made by David Guetta, she enters the world. Minaj notices how all the live mannequins stare at her, and what the mannequins want is to be like her, ALIVE! In the video, she inspires the mannequins to get their desires and truly become living! The video allows Minaj to be an empowering female leader, pushing others to step up to the plate!

Screenshot of Minaj being a leader in the Turn Me On music video!

So what’s your favorite Nicki Minaj music video? Be sure to let us know

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