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Nicki Minaj Wants To Do Verzuz Hits Battle Against Female Rapper



Nicki Minaj has expressed interest in partaking at Verzuz hits battle against a certain female rapper. She has not said who yet.

In an interview with 97.9 The Box, Nicki Minaj was asked if she would be interested in Verzuz and also who her opponent would be. The host, J-Mac, suggested that only Drake and Lil Wayne could challenge her. She disagreed, saying that they would demolish her. Instead, there are a couple of female artists she thinks would be good.

“But see, Drake and Wayne have so many bona fide hip-hop hits, so I don’t know,” she said. “But I do think there might be a female or two that can…[battle me].”

Minaj has also revealed that Swizz Beatz and Timbaland, the Verzuz creators, have talked to her before. We do not know if it was just talking or if something is in the works.

A female artist has expressed interest in doing a Verzuz with Minaj in the past. In June of 2021, Lil Kim was on Power 105.1’s The Breakfast Club morning radio show. She was asked who she would be interested in doing a Verzuz battle, and she said Nicki Minaj with no hesitation.

Minaj has also talked about Rihanna’s pregnancy in the interview. “You’re more intrigued by little babies when you’re about to have a baby and stuff like that,” Minaj said. “So looking back, yes. She’s beautiful. I mean everything she does, she does it in an iconic way. She does everything on her own terms. But as a human, I’m just happy for her, the human being. Because I know that she’s about to experience a different kind of joy.”

Written by Justin Acosta

Twitter: @hahalacka

Justin Acosta lives in Barstow, California. He recently graduated from University of California Davis and is excited to have a job and prove himself. He has a speech impediment, but he is not going to let that slow him down.

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