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Nicki Minaj’s Ye’s Diss at Essence Festival Has Fans Wondering What’s Up?



Friday, Jul 1st, the “Monster” co-author, Nicki Minaj, was ready to thrill crowds at the Essence Festival. Since 2022 marks a prolific comeback for the lyricist, fans were highly hyped to catch her perform. However, there was one moment of her set which would take Minaj viral, a not-so-subtle Kanye diss. 

The Deets of Nicki Minaj’s Diss

The “Shopaholic” artist was heavy into her set, rocking a few familiars and fan favorites. In the thick of Nicki Minaj’s performance, the DJ slid into a track of “Monster.” However, Minaj wasn’t feeling the groove. She broke in with a statement letting the DJ and the crowd know she wasn’t performing that. The comment suggesting the DJ quickly cut to the next track was even more curious. 

“A monster, though,” Nicki Minaj said to the crowd. “A monster, though! But we don’t fuck with clowns.”

Everyone seemed to get the point. 


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Theories Surrounding the Sentiment

While Minaj has had a past collaborative relationship with Ye, it’s clear she’s not feeling him right now. There are a lot of theories as to why Minaj made the statement. Some rumors of Nicki’s ill feelings tie into Ye’s collaborative relationship with Cardi. Others think it hinges on Ye’s move to put the brakes on “New Body.” 

“New Body”

In 2018 crowds went around with the rumors swirling that Ye was not only working on a new album, but it would include a track with Minaj and Ty Dolla Sign. It would be Ye’s ninth album. The title of the proposed album would be “Yandhi.” However, “Yandhi” never saw the light of day. She wasn’t the only one flabbergasted. 

Ye instead decided to release “Jesus is King.” So, unfortunately, Minaj’s track was scrapped with several others. So naturally, Minaj was less than happy with the decision. 

Nicki Minaj’s Feelings on Ye’s Decision

Minaj went public with her thoughts earlier this year. She felt some way about using her time and effort for naught. In her words

“So, what I thought was interesting was Kanye made me write my “New Body” verse four times over to fit into where he was creatively and spiritually in his life. … I missed it by a year, I guess.”

So, it is easy to believe her recent comments could stem back to this. But then again, it could be a mix of that and several other things. Back in 2010, the artist was extolling the virtues of Ye.

Nevertheless, things do change.

It’s not clear why she said it; it’s clear that she said it. She’s not dealing with Ye now. However, for the moment, fans continued to enjoy the rest of the stars set. Whether the artist will expound more on her exact sentiments later remains unclear. If she does, FM has got you. 

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Written by Renae Richardson

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