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Nostalgic Hip Hop Returns, Rapper 100GrandRoyce and Producer 183rd Spits Bars In New EP ‘Unfinished Business’



Rapper  100GrandRoyce and producer 183rd are back with a new EP Unfinished Business. Rapper 100GrandRoyce has had many previous releases that made a mark on his rap career.

Behind the music

However, this project taps into the truth the lies beneath most black artists who are pushing their careers. 100GrandRoyce raps about actual life experiences, that many can relate to.

On the technical side, you’re getting an artist that knows how to flow his words to paint a picture for the listener while motivating and making them feel good all in the same track. What brings this all together is 100GrandRoyce’s unique ear for production.

Despite 100GrandRoyce’s ups and downs he maintained steadfast on pushing true lyricism and not conforming to other stereotypical or popularized sounds. This project is here to make a statement, and the beats are energetic, and the lyrics are as sharp.

Hip Hop roots

Hip-hop’s place in NYC derives from its birthplace The Bronx and Harlem, NY. Growing up in Harlem only provided grit and style for 100GrandRoyce’s persona.

Following the blueprint, rapper and lyricist “100 Grand Royce” is the total essence of Hip-Hop sound.

 “ I hope that moving forward in New York City the police can stop treating artists like gangs and treat them more like businesses. We are all not the same and the sub-genres are important to distinguish who is a rapper, a hip hop star, a drill rapper, a mainstream artist, or  hood famous. There are all types of public figures but hope there are more opportunities for the underdogs.” 100 Grand expresses.

With over 10 releases under his belt and building press, there’s no excuse to not  play the New York artist. With 2022 almost half way over, 100Grandroyce is dropping new collaborations, new editions of previous projects & more.  Check out his latest project below.

Listen Here: 

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