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“Patience:” Obed Padilla’s Inspirational Track For Vayner Media



Obed Padilla "Patience" For Vayner Media
Obed Padilla. Image source: Voyage LA Magazine.

Multi-talented singer, songwriter, and artist Obed Padilla has just dropped his latest single, “Patience,” tailored exclusively for Vayner Media. This incredibly inspiring song is a vibe and perfectly captures the essence of Vayner Media’s vision.

With its powerful and uplifting message, Obed Padilla once again demonstrates his exceptional talent and ability to convey powerful messages through music.

Padilla’s Persistence

Padilla’s public presence in the music industry began in 2016 with his first gig. In a 2022 interview with Voyager LA, he revealed that he has dedicated the past six years of his life to his music with laser-like focus.

Obed Padilla attributes his success to persistence. He recalls times when he faced challengesbut he persisted in pursuing his passion, which eventually led to success.

Padilla’s Musical Journey Continues

Padilla has released three albums in his career to date. Genius lists “No Ways Tired,” “Exit 104, and “2-Steppin as some of his most popular songs. It has been a while since his last album, “Tried and Truth, which was released in 2021 in the hip-hop genre, but he is now back with “Patience.

Padilla’s “Patience”

Patience was created to highlight “Honey Empire. But what exactly is the Honey Empire? According to Forbes, Gary Vaynerchuk created the concept, which emphasizes empathy as a core value. It is a strategy that is both principled and results-oriented.

According to Gary, their commitment to empathy has accelerated their business acumen and enabled them to stay connected to culture, operate quickly, and maintain authenticity. To reinforce this message and capture the essence of VaynerX’s mission, Padilla presented to the world “Patience.”

The Anthem Of Resilience And Empathy

The song “Patience focuses on finding the positive aspects of any situation. It speaks to upholding values of humility and optimism and creating something enduring. Padilla’s lyrics not only capture the essence of VaynerX but also tap into the universal emotions that connect us all.

“Find the good in the bad; your right from your wrong, the artist writes. The smiles from the sad find the good in the bad. If it’s honey that you seek, build an empire to last. Even when you hit a wall, you know I’ve got your back. Undeniably, this message holds significant weight.

Check It Out

For those who have not had an opportunity to give “Patience a listen, it’s now available for streaming on most major platforms.

Written by Renae Richardson 

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