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People Are Feeling Ambiguous After Ice Cube’s Performance



This weekend, Ice Cube performed at a NASCAR competition, and the results were something. Some might say not everyone was comfortable with the stage Ice Cube stepped off and also the one he stepped on.

Is NASCAR Not Feeling Cube?

Ice Cube came to do his thing. He is never off his game. He came to move the crowd with some of his greatest hits. Unfortunately, Cube did not move everyone. The post-response then became a great indicator of how the group felt. One person stated,

“Man, I am sorry. But NASCAR will never be for the ICE CUBE hip hop audience. lol..they trying hard for ratings IMO.”

Faux Paux or Nah

We understand not everything is for everybody. However, it makes you wonder what Cube thought before accepting the invitation.

Ice Cube loves what he does. And those who love what they do will also share with any who will listen. Some NASCAR fans were massively excited over Cube’s presence at NASCAR. One of the spectators said,

“I’m not sorry to whoever doesn’t like this, but you can’t tell me that NASCAR Halftime with Ice Cube performing inside the Los Angeles Memorial Colosseum isn’t dope AF.”

Cube Serves Authenticity

Ice Cube is a beast, and he has some hot tracks. Who doesn’t love the classics: “Friday” or “Check Yourself?” Some NASCAR fans, per their response. Is this a commentary on the artist’s ability to read the crowd? Most will say when performing, it’s always important to know your audience. To move your audience into a vibe, you also must show what they like. Unfortunately, there is little in the artist repertoire that will win the affections of all NASCAR fans.

However, Cube can’t be blamed. NASCAR is merging into new lanes, and he also loves NASCAR. In his words,

“I’ve long been a fan of NASCAR from afar, and I’ve become an even bigger fan after seeing the action in person.”

Ice Cube’s NASCAR Move Is Understated.

Ice Cube’s acceptance of the invitation is a fantastic way to grow your fan base. But, the artist has to love what they created, be fearless in their performance, and not worry about the outcome. That describes the artist perfectly. There is also almost no doubt he left the stage thinking, “Today was a good day!”

Kudos to Cube. So what he didn’t win over the entire crow? The fact is, he did something different. He did it for something he genuinely loved. Cube came to be authentically himself. Without a doubt, his fan base grew that day. No matter what stage you share your gift with those who feel it will and those who don’t, oh well. The worst the no fan club got was a few minutes of discomfort.

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Watch Ice Cube’s NASCAR Performance:

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Written by Renae Richardson


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