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2 Chainz Taking on A New Venture



2 Chainz will be lending his voice to a platform other than Hip-Hop. Yesterday headlines read that 2 Chainz will be the voice of a new Snapchat series entitled “Planet Rewild.”

“Planet Rewild”

“Planet Rewild” is an environmental series focusing on protecting and restoring the planet. The program is an initiative with buy-in from multiple parties, including Rewild, a company run by Leonardo DiCaprio. The National Park Service and Santa Monica Mountain Funds also joined. And 2 Chainz then lent his voice as an advocate and avid supporter of this offering.

2 Chainz Multitalented with Diverse Interests

One thing artists are not is monolithic. As many have learned, artists are typically very gifted and have the propensity to operate and succeed in many lanes. 2 Chainz is no different. Chainz is an artist with multifaceted talents and interests. Beyond his music, he is a businessman. And with that token, it is not difficult to understand Chainz’s bent toward enterprises of various types. For one, he is a serial investor. As a source notes,

“I invested in Instacart a while back. You know I’m a part of a few funds, VC funds, and private equity stuff.”

Admittedly these are all indeed exciting projects.

Chainz Invests in a Passionate Interest

And as it has become evident given his current pursuits, his interests vary and do not merely land in music. Chainz is also an environmentalist at heart. As noted,

“2 Chainz is also an avid advocate for climate change,”

So the Planet Rewild project is a bonus, an investment of his time and talents to an initiative he already supports.

2 Chainz Has Much More to Offer

This is only a bit of what the artist has in store when lending his gifts for world improvement. Chainz also has his sights set on starting a venture capital fund. In the words of the performer,

“I’m seriously thinking about starting my own fund where I can connect the dots be the bridge between people that don’t get these opportunities…So let me know if I did something in the private equity field. Would you be interested in trusting me?”

Now, that’s laudable.

The Planet Rewild Series will begin airing on April 28th. It will then continue for ten episodes. So, if you are looking for a little environmental inspiration, tune in to hear Chainz talk about nature and its benefits.

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Written by Renae Richardson


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