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Pooh Sheisty Arrested in Connection with Miami Club Shooting



Pooh Sheisty

Pooh Sheisty turned himself in on Tuesday in his connection with a club shooting that occurred on May 30.

Lontrell Williams, Jr., better known as the Tennessee rapper Pooh Sheisty, was arrested on Tuesday. This came after he was in connection with the shooting of a security guard at a nightclub in Miami Beach, FL, during Memorial Day weekend. This arrest came after Williams surrendered to a warrant on his arrest. Williams was in custody this week on charges of aggravated battery with a firearm.

The shooting occurred when a person in the club allegedly attempted to take and distribute money that belonged to Williams, knocking it out of Williams’ back pocket. People scrambled to obtain the money that was allegedly on the ground. This prompted Williams to reach for his firearm, which he fired towards the ground.

Pooh Sheisty

Williams appeared in court this morning. His attorney Bradford Cohen claimed the shooting was a result of an accidental discharge, following a shot from Williams’ gun that ricocheted off the ground. “Either one of the security guards or an employee of the club was struck in his ankle. Certainly [evidence] doesn’t show any intent to hurt that individual.”

The judge ruled that Williams cannot return to the King of Diamonds club where the shooting took place. She also issued a restraining order to protect the victim. Williams received a charge of a $10,000 bond with no further charges.

Written By Hannah Botnick (@hcbotnick)

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