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Post Malone’s Thoughts On Face Masks



Face Masks Are A 2020 Trend

Beloved rapper and singer Post Malone has made major marks over his years in the industry. With making numerous top hits and amazing projects, he is sure to be remembered in the hip hop industry. But Post Malone also has a way of making his mark through his opinions and thoughts on face masks. A common trend in some states is that those who do not wear face masks should be fined. In response, here are Post Malone’s thoughts on face masks.

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The Respect Behind Wearing Face Masks, According to Post Malone

In a recent Joe Rogan podcast, Rogan had Post Malone as a guest star for his podcast. Throughout the podcast, one of the topics they addressed was face masks. The two addressed the importance of fining those without masks. Post says “Sometimes it’s up to 600 f***ing bucks”, while also emphasizing the importance of respect. Due to the crazy fines, Post believes that masks shouldn’t be something finale, but should be worn out of respect for another. He said masks should be worn for the “respect for other people…you shouldn’t be forced to wear a mask, you should wear a mask”.

Why Post Malone Thinks People Should Wear Masks

While it is a “bizarre time” there is importance behind wearing a mask such as respect and understanding, showing compassion for others. High fines result in people losing their money in and outside of the US, since the pandemic a lot of people have lost their jobs, resulting in financial hardships. With Post Malone’s thoughts on face masks, he addresses how vital it is to wear a face mask. He even emphasized the necessary measures by donating 40,000 N95 face masks to Direct Relief to promote the appropriate steps.

The coronavirus has changed how we live in civilization, through what we wear and where we can go. Things will only get better if everyone chooses to wear a facemask out of common courtesy for others. People should be personally inclined to wearing a mask because the more it happens the sooner we can get back to normal civilization. Thank you Post Malone for emphasizing the importance of consideration in wearing a face mask!

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