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Beyoncé and Jay Z’s Power Couple Moment



The Beauty Behind Relationships

For 12 years, we have seen the amazing power couple of Jay Z and Beyoncé. Since the two have been together, Beyoncé and Jay Z have created a beautiful pair of twins and an older daughter! Not only is this couple beautiful and iconic, but they make great music too! These two have shown what it takes to be the ultimate power couple throughout their marriage. 

Family photo! From

Love Is Love, Especially For Such A Power Couple

The most powerful couple in hip hop always continues to amaze those following their epic journey of love.  Beyoncé and Jay Z show how they are a power couple in numerous ways! Their state of union remains strong, and even stronger through the way they present themselves through their music. Beyoncé and Jay Z’s most recent music video together, “APES**T,”  includes the two inspirational figures taking over the Louvre, showing off their love for culture and highlighting their elite positions in society. The two utilize close up shots throughout the video to show that they are the muse in life… and we couldn’t agree more!

Screenshot from “Apeshit” music video.

Beyoncé and Jay Z invite us further into their love story with another fan favorite video, “Drunk In Love”. Let’s just say, we see the pair get very hot and heavy. Check out the full video to see what intimacy really looks like for these two. 

Beyonce and Jay-Z have created magic in numerous ways throughout their 12 years of marriage. These two iconic artists exemplify the value of what it takes to be a power couple and we’re so excited to see where the next decade of their marriage takes the pair and their music!


Sydney Geller | IG: @sydneyyyyy_g |

Edited by: Jade Solomon | IG: @24Jaded

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