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Queen Latifah Contributes To Her Community With Housing Development



Queen Latifah
Queen Latifah Contributes to Her Community with Housing Development. Photo Credit: City of Newark.

The Philanthropic Queen

Queen Latifah leads the way with her newest philanthropic effort, a housing development. As part of The Rise Living Project, Queen Latifah shines a light on her community through affordable housing development.

As co-president of Blue Sugar Corp, she is partnering with other companies to provide a solution to a growing ill in the community of Newark, New Jersey.

Newark’s Housing Crisis

Housing affordability has become a severe issue in many cities across the globe, much like in Newark, Latifah’s hometown. However, in Newark, the situation has become critical. According to a source,

“The Brick City needs an additional 16,000 low-rent units to meet the city’s rental housing needs.”

And the issue of housing remains critical, only to be amplified by COVID. In fact, eviction rates were staggering following the COVID rent freeze. As a source points out,

“Essex County had more than 19,000 pending eviction cases as of the end of March, and a large portion of those are estimated to be in Newark.

Queen Latifah’s Heart on Display

This housing project has been an initiative of the heart, a labor of love. According to news outlets, it has been several years in the making. Latifah first staked her interest in 2006. However, the news broke in 2016. Unfortunately, not all things happen as we would like them. Due to unfortunate circumstances, things could not come together as quickly as hoped. Nevertheless, what is important here is not when but the mere fact that they have come together.

One proud moment.

Without a doubt, this was a proud moment for the star, a dream come true. One thing is sure it is an indescribable feeling to have the means and the ability to give back and build up. And Latifah is proudly doing that.

In a profoundly moving moment, Queen expressed what led her to that moment, to that place, the groundbreaking. In her words,

“I grew up around here playing in West Side Park, a block away; my grandfather’s hardware store was blocks from here. So, I drove past this block. I saw what was needed on this block, houses that weren’t lived in. Some were really dilapidated, and so I thought, ‘Why not here?

Hope’s Ambassador

With the new Rise project, which gets its name from Latifah’s late mother, residents of Newark will have access to more affordable housing. Indeed, the entirety of the revealing was enough to fill Latifah’s cup. As the consummate artist went on to say.

“I’m a little bit emotional that we got walls up, we got windows.”

And we are as awed and celebratory as she.

So, our sincerest congratulations go out to Latifah and the people of Newark. And in addition, much love and mad respect go out to the Queen for the example she has become. May she continue to be empowered to be a light. Because of people like her, we continue to rise.

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Written by Renae Richardson


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