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Quinta Brunson’s Contribution to The Culture



Quinta Brunson Contributing To The Culture
Quinta Brunson. Image source: Rich Polk, NBC via Getty.

Quinta Brunson has brought laughter into many homes with the hit series “Abbot Elementary.” Her work is stellar and also proves her creative genius. Now she has the honors to show for it. Before the awards and accolades, she was an inspirational giant. Her never-give-up attitude preceded her as she poured herself into her gift, never ceasing to pursue her dreams. 

Spotlighting Greatness

Black culture is rich in talent, which reaches back through generations. We have lived and continue to live amongst giants, some with fabulous mention and others whose contributions have garnered barely a whisper. However, it becomes a service and a duty to lift the accomplishments of those who have blazed trails, kicked down doors, and continue to carve out spaces for others. 

Who Is Quinta Brunson?

Many are just beginning to recognize her work in the industry. Many need to be made aware of how much the writer, comedian, and creator has put in to reach her current pinnacle of success. According to Afrotech, Brunson was the creative force behind some of the most viral social media memes long before penning “Abbot Elementary.” According to Afrotech, 

“The start of Brunson’s viral streak was her Instagram video series, “The Girl Who’s Never Been on a Nice Date.”

This was the spark, the catalyst leading her to follow her heart and leave Apple to chase her dream. However, that was merely the starting point of her success journey. Some time would pass before she would gain national recognition for her talents. 

Brunson’s Path

Langston Hughes once penned these words in the famous poem Mother to Son “life has been no crystal stair. Its had tacks in it, splinters, and boards torn up.” Indeed, life is complex, and pursuing dreams can be challenging. It takes work and dedication. Even after endless hours of work, success is often delayed. And at times, it comes only after a period of intense struggle that would shake the faint at heart. But not Brunson. 

According to Afrotech, the virality she experienced did not catapult her to immediate success. Even after going viral, “She became broke.” However, thanks to a friend, she took an opportunity that would push her to the next level. As Afrotech notes,

 “From 2014 to 2018, Brunson wrote, produced, and starred in sketches with Buzzfeed. And she helped bring fellow Black creators on board.”

Pouring Into Her Craft

Despite her work with BuzzFeed, Brunson continued to pour into her projects. And in 2021, ABC acquired the rights to “Abbot Elementary,” a dream come true. Although ABC picked up Brunson’s project, she has remained transparent about the process. According to Brunson, not everyone saw the value in what she had to bring to the table. In her words, 

“There was one other network that will remain nameless that didn’t understand the value of (“Abbot Elementary”), but that’s how it goes.” 

Yet she pushed forward with the support of those who got it.

Reward Follows The Work

Today, the world sees Brunson’s light because of her follow-through. Not only did “Abbot Elementary” win seven nominations, but three wins. According to People, her successes have made her the second Black woman to take the honor she has. 

So, in honor of Black excellence and the month set aside in recognition, FM Hip Hop celebrates Quinton Brunson’s light, perseverance, and contributions to the culture.

Written by Renae Richardson 

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