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Rap IQ Drops Latest Episode: A Little More Intellectual Spice Is Oh So Nice



Hip-hop enthusiasts understand that knowledge is a key tenant of Hip-Hop. As it is by the use of knowledge that progress becomes imminent. While various outlets are designed for disseminating knowledge, only some are dedicated to testing knowledge. However, “Rap IQ” is one such outlet branded to test how much high-profile members of the hip-hop community know about the culture they represent. And the newest segment came out on Jul. 22.

What is Rap IQ

“Rap IQ” isn’t a new concept. According to Red Bull, it is a revamped version of the French game show “Red Bull Rap Jeu.” But it is brand new to the American Market. “Rap IQ” is one of several offerings Red Bull sponsors as a show of support for the Hip-hop community. Earlier this year, Red Bull announced the rollout of its new platform on YouTube, Red Bull 1520. Of the programs was the trivia-based hip-hop game show wherein contestants undergo a battle of intellect.

A Few More Details

Every month, “Rap IQ” releases a new episode. Comedian Patrick Cloud acts as host, adding his flavor and flair. But it is the eclectic group of contestants that makes the offer electrifying. And Red Bull notes, “It [Rap IQ] invites artists and culture influencers to compete to see who’s the ultimate rap genius through multiple rounds of challenges and trivia.”

While “Rap IQ’s” premise is to test knowledge, it is also out there to show off the contestants’ personalities. As Cloud notes, “Rappers can really open up and show their personality if they don’t feel like everything is super formal, so to be able to joke around and clown them makes the show much more fun.”

With such added knowledge, all one can say is to move over “Jeopardy” and make room for the new kid.

Rap IQ’s Latest

The most recent episode came out on Jul. 21 and boasted a new batch of contestants sure to ramp up the excitement. According to Red Bull, the participants in the latest episode include female rapper and Memphis native Gloss Up, Ghanaian and Maryland native rap artist Froggieraw, comedian Whalid Mohammad, and television personality Tim Chantarangsu.

Wrap Up

So for those looking for something different to add spice to their day, check out the newest segment of “Rap IQ.” And while there, also check out the other engaging episodes.

Written by Renae Richardson

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