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Rapper Cam’ron Signed With Notorious BIG Before Creating the Dimplomats With Jim Jones



Recent talk about Cam’Ron details how he signed with rap legend Notorious BIG before making The Diplomats. DJ Cipha Sounds explained the news via social media.

Killa Cam Behind The Scenes

Rapper Mase found and brought Cam’ron over to Junior M.A.F.I.A before he was widely known. He wrote a song for one of BIG’s artists in the 90’s. Lil Cease was the artist he wrote with the legendary track “Crush on You,” which was later given to Lil Kim to record.  DJ Cipha vividly recalled this on his recent Instagram Post to which Cam replied,

“Need u for my documentary bro. #UwasThere lol,”

Cam was thoroughly impressed on Cipha’s memory for this legendary interaction in HipHop.

The Original Crush On You

The original Crush On You track did not have Lil Kim on it despite it being a hit on her album “Hard Core.” Biggie instructed Cam to write a track that gained more fame under Kim then it would have for Lil Cease. The history of the song’s roots run deep in regard to ghost writing and making a hit record. Cam’ron also recalled the story a decade prior about the song’s path. Mase paid him personally for the lyrics he provided and was thankful for the opportunity to have had write for Lil Cease.

Cam’Ron and The Diplomats

Cam later went on to create his widely know group The Diplomats with rapper Jim Jones out of Harlem, New York. The group had success with Cam’s third album which featured platinum track “Oh Boy” and “Hey Ma.” That album with those tracks served as an introduction for the group before their debut album “Diplomatic Immunity.” On Diplomatic Immunity, the lead single “Dipset Anthem” peaked on number 64 on the Billboard Hot 100 for HipHop and R&B. Over the years the group have successes and disputes but despite that have made their mark on the music industry.

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Written by: Zacchaeus Heyward

Twitter: Prophetzacc22

Snapchat: Prophetzacc22


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