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Ray J Gets Mixed Reaction On New Ink Of Brandy



On July 5th Ray J hopped on Instagram to share an exciting development, his new body art. Not everyone, however, was praiseworthy. 

Ray J. Gets Inked

Recently Ray J took a trip to the tattoo parlor to get a special tat of his sister on his leg. It’s no secret Ray J is close to his sister Brandy, so those who understand the relationship between the two weren’t surprised to see another tattoo celebrating his sibling. This tattoo reads:Best Friends 4 Ever from Ray J with love.”

Respectfully, those who don’t get it won’t. Besides, this isn’t the first art he’s obtained for his sister.

Tats of Fam No New Thing

It’s not abnormal for people to get ink of their loved ones. Many have received tats of their significant others, children, first loves, and other major figures in their lives. Plenty of ink serves to commemorate the dead. So, what’s a sign of appreciation between two very close siblings? 

A Mixed Reaction

The chatter revolved less around the meaning behind the tattoo and more around the ink itself. Some observers called out the art as being in poor taste. For example, Ray J chose pink for his sister’s eyes, and social media users took issue with that. “Why she look high???” one poster commented.

And some just felt the art was off. In the end those are simply dissenting opinions, which isn’t new.

The Issue with Tats

Tats constitute a significant art form, so one must choose the right artist. Unlike any other blank canvas, the tattoo artist’s canvas is the body. And one thing is sure—bad ink is hard to come back from. 

Ray J Responds

Whatever the posters think, Ray J digs it.

First, he extolled his tattoo artist. “New @Brandy TATTOO BY ONE OF THE GREATEST!! @mashkow,” he Instagrammed.

Then he explained he had a tat in mind as an addition to the one he just recently received. In the same post, he described his vision for a tattoo sleeve on his leg, which he referred to as The Holy Leg.

No Explanation Necessary

Art is art. By art’s very nature, not everyone will get it, and so not everyone will vibe with the ink you get. Sometimes, you have to like what you like, or you’ll forever be doing things to please others. The most important thing is that Ray J likes it, and Brandy doesn’t take issue with it.

Brandy’s own response was simple. “Brooooooo♥️♥️♥️♥️,” she Instagrammed.

So more power to Ray J for walking his path and doing what makes him feel good, despite the naysayers.

Written by Renae Richardson|Facebook

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