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Raz Simone Sued By Five Women For Sex Trafficking And Violent Threats



Image source: AP/Elaine Thompson

Multiple women sued Rapper Raz Simone for sex abuse.

According to Hip Hop DX4 out of 5 women reported the Seattle rapper sex-trafficked them. Pearl, an alleged victim, claims the 32-year-old sex trafficked and abused her until 2017, when she escaped. Pearl describes her experience as being extremely gruesome. She said that Simone would lock her in a small room for a while when she was not submissive. He would also rape her there.


Raz Simone Sued for Sex Trafficking.

Bill Guyer, a former police detective, investigated Pearl’s situation and the stories from other women also. Finally, after years of waiting, five women filed a civil lawsuit.

Raz Simone Denies Sex Trafficking Allegations.

“It’s been a plan they put together years back. The money’s on the line, and they’re using it like a class-action lawsuit,” Simone stated. His attorney, Corinne Mullen, chimed in to say she believes this lawsuit will soon end.

Raz Simone

Simone denies all allagations made against him.

“Young, vulnerable women” involved in sex work are the victims Simone targets, court documents show. The Plaintiffs state, “He wins them over with affection, and pitches the relationship as a chance to grow, find success and be a part of his family.”

The women also claim that they must’ve brought him a decent amount of money to stay on Simone’s good side. He would have them strip or perform other sexual acts in which he would take their money after. He also enforced strict rules on their diet and how they could act, and if the girls did not comply, he would threaten them and get violent.

Each of the women is reported to seek $1 million for the pain and suffering they had endured.


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