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Resellers Expect Big Returns On Yeezy Brand After Controversy



Yeezy Resellers Expect To Profit Soon
Ye. Image source: Fox News.

Following the immense backlash from anti-Semitic tweets and interviews, individuals and businesses began to cut ties with Ye. Significant brands like Adidas, Spotify, and former collaborators, took to social media to denounce the rapper and producer.

50 Cent gave an interview in which he declared that Ye’s career is “a wrap.” His indication that Ye’s career is over rings slightly petty. Some may recall their short beef from 2007 over which artist’s album was able to sell more.

Even still, his comments highlight the belief that many feel Kanye’s once prosperous career is headed. Detractors view this controversy as the one that will end Ye’s time in the limelight.

Ye’s Abandonment

However, the business deals are more damaging than shots from other contemporaries, directly affecting Ye’s bottom dollar. Thankfully for Kanye, the Spotify CEO, Daniel Ek, stopped short of cutting ties with the rapper. Despite harsh condemnations about the comments, Ek confirmed Ye’s music would be available for streaming.

Likewise, Adidas, partners with Ye on his Yeezy line of products, announced the termination of their contract. The announcement came on October 25th, after mounting pressure by detractors for the company to cut ties with Ye and condemn the tweets. Adidas acted on both counts.

Recipe For Collector Items

The sudden termination of the contract pleased some, while others viewed it as a beautiful business opportunity. Ye always benefitted from a devoted fanbase, which still proved true. As a result, many online resellers are expecting big profits from Yeezy products. Now that Yeezy branded items will no longer remain in production it is expected they will gain a collector’s item status. Large online resellers are hoping to bank on this outcome in hopes of huge gains. 

A similar event befell Kobe shoes after Nike and Bryant’s widow could not agree on a new deal. The result was a cease in production leading to high prices for Kobe’s on the aftermarket. With the rapid termination of the Yeezy deal coupled with Kanye’s still ravenous fanbase it certainly seems like a solid bet.

It remains to be seen if such a trend will truly come about. However, history shows that in cases such as this Yeezy products may soon fetch huge prices on the aftermarket. Perhaps owners should be on the lookout for potential profit off of their old Yeezys just in case.

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Written by Ryan Fields

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