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Rihanna’s Best Fashion Looks



Rihanna’s Best Fashion Flashbacks

Clothing is a way to represent your personal taste and personality. In our society, fashion speaks louder than words, and so does our beloved Rihanna! Rihanna has been in the spotlight for such a long time, her looks (and her hair) has changed so much throughout the years. Here is a few of Rihanna’s best fashion looks!

Rihanna Is A Princess

One of Riri’s best looks was from 2017, where Rihanna had her launch party for Fenty Beauty in London! A simple purple dress with light ruffles was perfect for the launch party. The high heels compliments the dress, as something simple and something bold were able to pair extremely well together. What is awesome about Rihanna’s purple dress is at almost seems like a modernized “Tangled” dress! Rihanna makes this dress with heels one of her best fashion looks. Her outfit allows other women to fantasize about dressing like a true modern princess.

Rihanna looking like a true princess! Photo from 2017, from website

BadGalRiri In Her Prime

One of Rihanna’s best fashion looks was in 2018, where Rihanna shows off her black leather dress during New York Fashion Week. Leather is often a symbol for being a baddie, but it can also resemble a form of elegance and high class style. Rihanna managed to look like a baddie while looking classy at the same time. The chains around the leather belt really stand out, making a simple leather dress brought to a new level. Rihanna really shows off her badgalriri side, and we cannot get enough of her bold and powerful looks!

Rihanna kills it in leather! Photo from

All Of The Sudden, I Want An Orange Dress

Rihanna’s final fashion favorite look took place in early 2020, where she rocked a neon orange dress to Bergdorf Goodman in New York City. Personally, I would never wear orange clothing, but now I want to because of Rihanna! It really shows that Rihanna can pretty much rock everything and anything she wears! Orange is used in a simple yet eye catching manner, with a solid orange dress and coat! The gold booties really make the outfit pop!

Photo from

While these are only a few of Rihanna’s best fashion looks, it is clear that Riri can rock anything she wears. From simple to elegance, she always manages to kill it in the fashion game!

Sydney Geller | IG: @sydneyyyyy_g |

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