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Romeo’s a Father, Female Fans Furious



Romeo Miller and his girlfriend, Drew Sangster, welcomed a daughter in February. l via Romeo Miller Instagram

Romeo is a Father, Female Fans Furious

Percy “Romeo” Miller is a hip-hop influencer, entrepreneur, and, thanks to girlfriend Drew Sangster, a new dad. However, not all of the audience celebrated the couple’s new addition. Romeo recently shared he lost a lot of female fans following the birth announcement of his first child. The 32-year-old former “Growing Up Hip Hop” recently revealed how disillusioned women sent him hate mail and unfollowed him on social media because he was “supposed to be with them.”

Lil’ Romeo Has Literally Grown Up Hip Hop

Significantly,  Romeo grew up in the limelight thanks to his famous father, southern hip hop legend Master P. He emerged as a star in his own right in the early 2000s as the dazzling dribbling elementary rapper Lil Romeo. Now he’s evolved into an actor, producer, and co-owner of Rap Snacks and other businesses.

“As crazy as it sounds I felt that type of pressure growing up,” he said to Page Six. “Being a child star, your fans really are a part of your life,” he told podcast Page Six.

Romeo Continues to Live Authentically

Consequently, he took his time dating and choosing a public partner.

It’s not just a moment that happened by accident, but it has to be with somebody who is truly deserving because it’s gonna break a lot of hearts out there,” he said. 

Moreover, the heartthrob expressed appreciation for the fans who stayed loyal. Fortunately, his diverse work has earned him 2 million followers authentically.

“I’ve been successful for over 20 years because I’m living my life. I still think about those people that support me, [but]

But I got to live my life, y’all,” he said.

Watch Romeo continue to shine alongside former Destiny’s Child star and award-winning gospel singer Michelle Williams in Lifetime Original limited series: Seven Deadly Sins.


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