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Schoolboy Q Extols the Virtues of Kendrick Lamar



Schoolboy Q
Schoolboy Q. Image Source: Bennett Raglin/BET/Getty Images

Schoolboy Q is having no problem opening up about Kendrick Lamar’s influence in his life and career. And it’s nothing short of inspirational.

Schoolboy Q Talks Up His Sensi Kendrick Lamar

In hip-hop, mentorship, and artistic influence often play a pivotal role in shaping the careers of rising stars. One such example of this mentorship and mutual respect can be seen in the relationship between Schoolboy Q and Kendrick Lamar.

In a recent appearance on the BACKONFIGG Podcast, Schoolboy Q didn’t hold back in expressing his admiration for Kendrick Lamar. Schoolboy Q took little time deliberating when asked what Lamar taught him. In the flow, the rap artist credited The “It’s Gonna Be Alright” artist with not only teaching him a lot but for salvaging his career. In his words,

“Dot… Dot gave me… so much confidence. Dot made me a rapper.”

Schoolboy Q Pegs Lamar as a Hero

But what’s the remarkable story behind Kendrick Lamar’s role in rescuing Q’s career? As per Q’s account, he was teetering on the edge of being let go from TDE. But then Lamar stepped in to save the day. Q attributes his resurgence to Lamar, who not only made him his hype man but extended an invitation to join him in the studio alongside Dr. Dre. This significant opportunity ultimately led to Schoolboy Q securing a contract with Interscope. Without a doubt, Schoolboy Q’s admiration for Lamar knows no bounds. To him, simply being in Lamar’s presence is an extraordinary experience where wealth rubs off.

A Bit More About Schoolboy’s Process

While Schoolboy Q’s heartfelt expressions of gratitude towards Kendrick Lamar stood out as the most impactful, it wasn’t the sole focus of the conversation. The rapper also engaged in an open discussion about his career. Within this discourse, he shared the reasons behind the deceleration in his musical output. According to Q, while he understands what fans expect in his words,

“he doesn’t look at it as like, oh, you have to drop every year. Rather, he does what he wants because he moves off peace. He moves off his experiences. “

In essence, his artistic process is characterized by intentionality and thoughtfulness. As he candidly expressed during the interview, he firmly believes that his music should carry a genuine reflection of life. If he feels that his work doesn’t contribute something meaningful to the table, derived from his life experiences, he doesn’t consider it worthy of release. And that’s a perspective that no one is knocking.

What’s Next

Q’s most recent project was released in 2019. However, he’s been dropping hints about an upcoming project that seems to have him hyped as he told his viewers, “Watch how I come this year.” With such an approach to artistry, it’s bound to be top-tier.

Bringing it All Together

Overall, Schoolboy Q’s admiration for Kendrick Lamar serves as a testament to the positive influence and mentorship that can exist within the music industry. And while many successful people are not without someone they admire, only some are vocal about it.  Schoolboy is one who is fearless in giving honor where honor is due. That is model-like behavior, a thing of aspiration in and of itself.

Written by: Renae Richardson

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